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-Speaking of Fengwujun-

-speaking off鞥无菌-

Dalian, Shandong?

Dalian, S寒冬?

No, it's Northeast Dalian!


Dalian, Liaoning, hides a different taste of Northeast China. To


People in Dalian, speaking in Jiaoliao Mandarin with "sea oyster flavor", eating stew from Yantai, and living in a city full of "foreign flavor", they often call themselves Dalian people when they go out.


But she is also closely related to the Northeast. This is the end of the Northeast railway network. Railways such as the Harbin-Dalian line connect Dalian with major cities in the Northeast, making Dalian a window to the hinterland of the Northeast. It also has the background of being an old industrial base and the pride of "the eldest son of the Republic". To


This sense of regional blending across mountains and seas is inseparable from Dalian's key geographical location: Based on the Bohai Bay, Dalian is a hub for sea, land and air transportation in the Northeast; looking at Northeast Asia, Dalian is a geographical hub that controls the sea and the land. The location of the seaside makes the young Dalian always as magnificent as the sea, pursuing openness. Just as the first people who opened up the Dalian area were a group of explorers going north.


Why did you break through Dalian?


The Liaodong Peninsula is like an arm outstretching the ocean from northern China, and Dalian is located at the southernmost point of the Liaodong Peninsula.


The 1,906-kilometer coastline of Ludao outlines an extraordinary scroll. There are not many beaches in Dalian. The hills and mountains often face the waves head-on. The waves are like knives, and the wind and rain work together to carve into a spectacular bedrock coast, bringing a different seaside appearance to Dalian.


To the south, Dalian is the old Tieshan Mountain in Lushun. She and Tian Hengshan in Penglai, Shandong jointly divided the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. On the other side of the Bohai Strait is the Shandong Peninsula, the other arm extending from the north of China to the ocean. Cities such as Yantai and Weihai face Dalian across the sea, and the distance between them is less than 100 kilometers recently;


Heading east, the Changshan Archipelago, China’s second largest archipelago, is like a "sea castle group", guarding the northern part of the Yellow Sea and serving as a maritime barrier for the entire Northeast;


Looking westward towards the inner side of Liaodong Bay, the largest of the three major bays of the Bohai Sea, the mountainous areas along Shanhaiguan Jinyan Mountain, the Bohai Sea, and Heishan and Songling form the Liaoxi Corridor connecting the Northeast and North China Plain;


To the north, upstream along the Liaodong Bay and up the Liaohe River, the more the Changbai Mountains, the vast and fertile hinterland of the northeast. As early as the Ming and Qing dynasties, explorers traveled northward, and later became one of the largest waves of immigrants in Chinese history, "Crossing the Guandong". To


The Ming Dynasty had the Liaodong Border Wall, and the Qing Dynasty blocked the Northeast all the year round. If you travel along the Liaoxi Corridor to the Northeast, there are many obstacles. For most immigrants, the sea route is the best choice for them. The Bohai Strait landed from the Liaodong Peninsula, and then via the Liao River, Yalu River, Heilongjiang and its tributaries, immigrants can reach most of the Northeast. To


On the way to the east of the pass, many Shandong people from Yantai, Weihai and other places stayed in the pleasant climate and abundant products in the Dalian area. They also brought the Jiaoliao Mandarin to Dalian, even north to Yingkou, and even in Heilongjiang Tiger Lin City has also formed a dialect island of "sea oyster flavor".


Today, Dalian has close relations with several Shandong cities on the other side. Starting from Lvshunkou in Dalian, build a bridge or subsea tunnel to connect Yantai, Weihai and other places, making Bohai Bay a real "Greater Bay Area"... This kind of imagination about Bohai Bay's cross-sea transportation has always been a long-lasting Endless topic. To


The "city of squares" facing the sea


As one of the few coastal cities in the north, Dalian has always attracted people from all over the world. Outsiders’ first impression of Dalian is often the phrase "Romantic City, Fashion Dalian". This city hides countless kinds of scenery:


But for a newcomer to Dalian, what may be most amazed is why there are so many squares in this city? To


Dalian is a city built on a square, and the broad vision brought by the square has established Dalian's vast urban temperament. Xinghai Square, the representative square of Dalian in the new era, is the best metaphor for "Romantic Dalian":


A sea of ​​stars formed by countless squares has been built on the rolling hills, and the streets and lanes are the channels connecting the stars and the sea. Between the long and narrow hills and islands, countless squares, weaving the road between the mountains and the sea, together outline a city of stars—Dalian. To


In addition to the romantic image, the square is the historical mark of the young city of Dalian. Many old Dalian people have said that the eight buildings on Zhongshan Square were built by the Eight-Power Allied Forces, so they are of different styles. But in fact, most of them were built in Japan's imagination of the Western world during the Japanese occupation. In the history of Dalian's urban construction, there are many such strange and exotic elements. To


Although there were traces of the survival of the ancestors in Dalian as early as 6000 years ago, during the Warring States Period, Dalian was already under the jurisdiction of the Liaodong County of Yan State, and during the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Liaodong Bay had become an important passage for the Eastern Expedition. But Dalian itself is a very young city.


Dalian and its southern tip, Lushun, guard the exit of the Bohai Strait. There are many natural deep-water harbors, and the side facing the Yellow Sea does not freeze all year round. Between the collision of the new era and the old China, the Dalian area is a window for Northeast Asia to penetrate into the Pacific.




Here is the hope of saving old China from the extinction. One of the military ports of the Beiyang Navy during the Westernization Movement was located in Lushun. The Changshan Islands record the tragedy of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894. The "Yoshino", which Deng Shichang failed to sink in the Great Battle of the Yellow Sea, sank in this area.


Soon after the Jiawu War broke out, the Beiyang Navy suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat to Lushun and Weihai. Both Japan and Tsarist Russia tried to get involved in the Dalian area. In 1898, after Tsarist Russia forcibly leased the Luda Peninsula, the Port of Lushun was named Порт-Артур (Port Arthur), and the commercial port city in the north was named Дальний (Dalini), which means "distant", the Russo-Japanese War Later, Japan occupied the place and changed its name to Dalian (だいれん, Dairen) with a similar pronunciation. To

甲午战争爆发后不久,北洋海军遭受重创,被迫撤退到旅顺和威海。日本和沙皇俄罗斯都试图介入大连地区。 1898年,在沙皇俄国强行租借卢达半岛后,旅顺港口被命名为Порт-Артур(亚瑟港),而北部的商业港口城市被命名为Дальний(达利尼),意为“遥远”,Russo-抗日战争以后,日本占领了这个地方,并用类似的发音将其更名为大连(大连,大仁)。至

The birth of the city of Dalian originated from the construction of the port. In 1899, the then occupying Russian government built Dalian Port and planned it as the largest port in Siberia—Dalian Bay Port. In the eyes of Tsarist Russia, Dalian is the political, cultural, and economic center of the Far East comparable to the West. Therefore, the urban construction design of Dalian at the beginning was modeled after Paris, the most beautiful city in the West at that time.

大连市的诞生源于港口的建设。 1899年,当时的俄罗斯政府建立了大连港,并将其规划为西伯利亚最大的港口-大连湾港。在沙皇俄国眼中,大连是远东可与西方媲美的政治,文化和经济中心。因此,大连市最初的城市建设设计是仿照当时西方最美丽的城市巴黎。

Dalian was first planned as a baroque city "drawn by carriage": large squares lay the framework of Dalian's urban area, and small squares connected to each other into secondary roads. Nikolaev Square (now Zhongshan Square), Red Square (now Harbor Square), and the Municipal Square in front of the railway station (near Shengli Bridge North Square) and other large squares are still downtown areas. There is a railway station in the north of the city, and a port on the east coast of the city. From the beginning, Dalian has been a city accessible by sea and land.


However, the plan of Tsarist Russia had not yet been completed, and Dalian was occupied by Japan. Driven by the ambitions of the Japanese, Dalian Port became the largest seaport in Northeast China. The population surged, and a regular European-American chessboard network began to appear in Dalian. It also indicated that the horse-drawn carriage era had entered the era of electrics and automobiles. Soon, Dalian became a city. It was a very developed industrial port city at that time.


It was not until the founding of New China that Dalian had a new brilliance. With its superior geographical location and industrial foundation, Dalian has quickly become a new industrial center. The pride of the old industrial base continues to this day, carrying the new China’s ocean dream: China’s first aircraft carrier, the first 10,000-ton ship, and the first offshore drilling platform were all born in Dalian. To


On the other hand, she is also the first batch of coastal open cities in China. Dalian, which has the eighth largest port in China, built the first national-level economic and technological development zone in 1984. It was side by side with Shenzhen that year. In 1992, there was the only free trade zone in Northeast China. In 2016, Dalian joined Shenyang and Yingkou. Form the Liaoning Free Trade Zone. Such a magnificent history of openness has fallen into the lives of Dalian people, and it has become the memory of many Dalian-style festivals such as the Oktoberfest, the Costume Festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Sophora Tree Appreciation.

另一方面,她还是中国第一批沿海开放城市。大连是中国第八大港口,于1984年建成了第一个国家级经济技术开发区。当年与深圳并列。 1992年,中国东北是唯一的自由贸易区。 2016年,大连加入沉阳和营口。形成辽宁自贸区。如此宏伟的开放历史已落入大连人民的生活,并成为许多啤酒节,服装节,樱花节和槐树欣赏等大连风格节日的记忆。

Today's Dalian is a jewel in the three major urban agglomerations of Liaozhongnan, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Shandong Peninsula by the Bohai Bay. It also echoes the Harbin-Changzhou urban agglomeration to the north. The ocean is abundant and the hills are soothing, bringing a pleasant living environment to Dalian, but the position of sitting on the mountain and looking at the sea always makes her passion for openness and forging ahead.


The mountains and the sea hide the fast and slow life of Dalian people


The life of Dalian people is as magnificent and colorful as the sea.




As a coastal city, Dalian's climate is "temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate", which has stumped generations of Dalian students, but it has also become a source of abundant products in Dalian. The big sweet cherries and apples are just like Yantai on the opposite shore; the “Peach blossoms in April, sea cucumber and abalone crawling along the shore” brought by the cold water mass of the Yellow Sea are the most proud seafood in Dalian.


When Dalian local seafood encounters Jiaodong cuisine (a branch of Shandong cuisine) that has emerged from coastal areas such as Qingdao and Fushan, plus a bit of Northeast flavor, it becomes the only "sea oyster flavor" in Dalian. Stir-fried sides, sea oysters and carrot cakes, salted fish paste cakes...Dalian taste always pays attention to the original taste, salty and delicious. To


But when it comes to Dalian people’s favorite snack, it has to be a bite of brown and delicious stew from Yantai. To


Put the sweet potato batter into a pan and fry it into the rarest braised shell in Dalian—"ge". After a bite, it still has a soft and waxy texture. The seasonings are sesame sauce, soy sauce, and garlic water, which are made with a small iron wire to make the most authentic Dalian stew. This mouthful of stew is compatible with Dalian seafood, and it will last forever in the name of Sanxian stew. It also hides the magnificence of mountains and sea in the life of Dalian people. To

将红薯面糊放入锅中,炸入大连最稀有的红烧壳“ ge”中。咬一口后,它仍然具有柔软蜡质的质地。调味料是芝麻酱,酱油和大蒜水,它们是用细铁丝制成的,以制成最正宗的大连炖菜。这口炖汤与大连海鲜相得益彰,它将以三县炖汤的名义永远存在。这也掩盖了大连人生活中山海的壮丽。至

Dalian is a city hidden in sea fog, but the sea breeze that blows "twice a year, once for half a year" blows her true face: hills are scattered, and more of them are rolling slopes. Precisely because of this, before the opening of Xinghai Square, the largest city square in East Asia, most people in Dalian could not ride bicycles.


Life here can be measured by footsteps most of the time. It is full of the slow and melodious seaside town, and even the public transportation feels a little bit slow.


The tram in Dalian is the only one in the country. Unlike sightseeing trams in other regions, which are mostly featured tourist projects, the 111-year-old Dalian tram is still part of the city's public transportation. Throughout the city, the rhythmic and orderly sound of trams "booms" is the alarm clock for Dalian to get up early and the lullaby that makes Dalian fall asleep. It has long become a symbol of urban life in Dalian.


But apart from soothing, the life of Dalian people is not lacking in waves of passion. Dalian is probably the most sports-loving city in the country. According to statistics, there are as many as 2 million fans in Dalian alone. The city hosts nearly 70,000 amateur football matches every year, with over 300,000 participants. To


Here is Liu Changchun, "the first person in the Olympic Games in China". It is the "hometown of track and field" and it is also a city of football. Dalian has been established as a city for a century, and football is the same age. Since the founding of New China, more than 210 national football players and more than a dozen national football captains have emerged from Dalian. The team from Dalian has won eight top professional league championships in Chinese football. To


A passionate match and a mouthful of braised braised meat, which seems to be the epitome of life in Dalian: seafood cooking from Shandong and the dialect of "sea oyster flavor"; the boldness of northeastern skewered drinking; a street of Russian style and Dalian port retention Russian style; a square-park layout that echoes Changchun; a coastal road that has witnessed youth; a stadium burning with passion...


In such an atmosphere, the dispute over whether Dalian is Shandong Dalian or Northeast Dalian is no longer important. This romantic city that embraces the whole world, facing the sea, is always young. To


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