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On October 12th, Beijing time, the sixth game of the NBA Finals came to an end. The Lakers defeated the Heat 106-93, winning the 17th championship trophy in team history with a total score of 4-2. This is also the first time the Lakers have reached the highest point in the NBA after a lapse of 10 years. In the past 10 years, the Purple and Golden Regiments have also risen and fallen several times, and even fell through the lowest point in team history. It is really not easy to climb to the top again.


In the 2010-11 season, as the defending champions, the Lakers were expected to achieve three consecutive championships. After all, Kobe was still in his prime at the time, and the three-high combination of Bynum, Gasol and Odom could also rule. Inside. However, when the main lineup did not fluctuate, they were swept out by the Mavericks 4-0 in the Western Conference semifinals. The entire series, the Mavericks’ three-point rain, made the Lakers’ inside advantage impossible. The result of such a disastrous defeat has actually sounded the alarm for the Lakers.


However, in the following 2011-12 season, the Lakers tried to make a change and trade Paul, but the deal was rejected by the league at the last minute for “basketball reasons.” The Lakers could only continue to maintain that old lineup, and The failure of this transaction also affected the team atmosphere. As a result, in the Western Conference semifinals, they met the rising three of the Thunder. In 2010, the Lakers used the advantage of experience to teach the Thunder a lesson, but this time, the youngsters of the Thunder used more athletic talent to run away the old Lakers. 1-4, the Lakers were swept by the gentlemen.

但是,在接下来的2011-12赛季,湖人试图做出改变并交易保罗,但由于“篮球原因”,这笔交易在最后一刻被联盟拒绝。湖人只能继续保持原来的阵容,而这次交易的失败也影响了球队的气氛。结果,在西部联盟半决赛中,他们遇到了雷霆队上升的三支球队。在2010年,湖人利用经验的优势向雷霆队上了一堂课,但是这次,雷霆队的年轻人利用更多的运动天赋逃离了老湖人队。 1-4,湖人队被绅士席卷。

Before the start of the 2012-13 season, the Lakers traded Nash and Howard to form a new F4 lineup. This caused a huge sensation, so much so that local Lakers fans boasted, "This lineup can be won by my grandmother." . But the fans ignored the age of this F4 lineup. The only young Howard was injured and incompatible with Kobe and Nash. As a result, the Lakers won the championship. If it weren't for Kobe's smashing of the Achilles tendon, they would probably not even get into the playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers were swept out by the Spurs 0-4.

在2012-13赛季开始之前,湖人交易了纳什和霍华德,组成了新的F4阵容。这引起了巨大的轰动,以至于当地的湖人球迷吹嘘说:“我的祖母可以赢得这个阵容。” 。但是球迷们却忽略了F4阵容的年龄。唯一的年轻霍华德受伤,与科比和纳什格格不入。结果,湖人赢得了冠军。如果不是因为科比粉碎阿喀琉斯腱,他们甚至可能不会进入季后赛。在季后赛的第一轮,湖人被马刺0-4击败。

And if three consecutive years of disastrous defeats in the playoffs have caused the Lakers fans to collapse, then the next six years will be the real nightmare. With Howard's departure and Nash retiring, Ci Shiping and Gasol also left their hometowns. Only Kobe, who was seriously injured, was left in the Lakers.


And whether it is Jeremy Lin, Boozer and others in a hurry, or Russell, Ingram and Bauer three second place, they are unable to save the Lakers. The internal power struggle between Little Buss and the female Buss, coupled with the unprofessional operation of the Magic, has made the situation of the Lakers deteriorating. Even Los Angeles' gold-letter signs cannot attract big free agents. Kobe retired After that, the Lakers didn't see any hope.

而且无论是林书豪,布泽尔和其他匆忙的人,还是罗素,英格拉姆和鲍尔的第二名,他们都无法挽救湖人。 Little Buss和Female Buss之间的内部权力斗争,加上魔术师的不专业操作,使湖人的处境恶化了。甚至洛杉矶的金字招牌也无法吸引大型自由球员。科比退役之后,湖人队没有希望。

Until the 2018-19 season, James airborne to Los Angeles, finally let the Lakers see a glimmer of light. But the Lakers have been rotten for so many years, even James can't move it. That season, they still failed to make the playoffs, and missed the playoffs for 6 consecutive years also allowed the Lakers to create a series of embarrassing records. After all, counting from joining the league in 1949, to the dark 6 years of the 2013-14 season. Previously, the Lakers missed a total of 5 playoff games.


After the end of last season, there were statistics from the media that the Lakers missed the playoffs for 6 consecutive years. The record was only 157 wins and 323 losses, with a win rate of only 32.7%, ranking first in the NBA during the same period, even worse than the Knicks. rotten.


Frankly speaking, thanks to the Lakers' ancestors being too wide, Los Angeles and James are attractive enough, otherwise, the Lakers will never attract the thick eyebrows to join, it is really hard to say when they will rise. Because of this, the Lakers management should cherish the last few years of James' career and stop making the mistakes made 10 years ago.


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