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For women, one white can cover a hundred ugliness. For the team, victory can cover up all disadvantages; on the contrary, everything looks unfavorable. After losing 1-3 to Crystal Palace at Old Trafford, Manchester United fell into this unfavorable situation after losing. Ferdinand and Evra two celebrities, Qi Qi, aimed the cannon at San Dezi, and they agreed that San Dezi was a ruthless and ignorant CEO. Ferdinand said: I didn't know that I was leaving until I finished the last game, and there was not even a memorial match. Evra said: After San Dezi told me not to renew the contract, he said that he would renew the contract with me, so I scolded me and was fined... Now Manchester United is struggling so much, maybe because he believes wrong. people.


From the perspective of business development, San Dezi has achieved the ultimate. He can make the club's profitability record highs again and again in the worst years of Manchester United's performance. He is absolutely unparalleled. Of course, the vast majority of people will single-handedly count this credit on the brilliant foundation laid by Ferguson in the early stage. But I think this is unfair to Santoku. It is necessary to know that maintaining a business is sometimes more difficult than starting a business. How many large companies go downhill or even go bankrupt after their senior employees retire? San Dezi can continuously increase Manchester United's revenue, which is also his ability. But it needs to be clear that sports competition cannot be separated from business, and business development also needs to rely on brilliant athletic results. If Manchester United still fails to win the league title or the Champions League in these five years, then Manchester United will definitely gradually sink.


Since Ferguson retired, Manchester United has invited Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho and the current coach Solskjaer, spending 941 million pounds to buy, Di Maria, Pogba, Sanchez, Maguire, Mata Waiting for superstars, but Manchester United's best result is only the second in the league, the FA Cup, the Europa League, the League Cup, the league champion and the Champions League champion two important trophies failed to get their hands. I hired a famous coach, bought a world-class player, and spent the top five transfer fees in Europe, but why didn't I get good results? After hearing that the Glazer family takes away 10 to 20 million dividends from Manchester United every year, many fans shouted: They are vampires, and Manchester United's failure is all due to such a boss. In fact, this is another unfair view. Merchants are chasing profits and it is only natural. Although the Glazer family took the dividends, they also ensured that Manchester United had enough funds to buy people. Therefore, the root of Manchester United's failure in recent years is not how many dividends Glazer took, but what kind of management structure they have built. Simply put, Manchester United's failure is that the management headed by Santoko is too "naive" and doesn't understand the ball at all.


In the summer of 2013, coach Ferguson retired and club CEO David Gill also left Manchester United. It was a summer that made Manchester United fans weep and sad. "Arrogant" and very confident Woodward became the CEO. He was in charge of Manchester United in one hand and miscalculated everything. He believes that following Sir Alex Ferguson's wishes, giving Moyes a 6-year long contract can maintain Manchester United's strength. However, everything is not so simple. Moyes was fired only eight months after taking office. The reason was simple. The results were too bad and the tactical play did not give fans hope.

2013年夏天,教练弗格森退休,俱乐部首席执行官大卫·吉尔也离开了曼联。那是一个夏天,让曼联球迷流连忘返。 “傲慢自大”且非常有信心的伍德沃德担任首席执行官。他一方面负责曼联,但对所有事情都做了错误的估计。他认为,按照弗格森爵士的意愿,给莫耶斯一份为期6年的合同可以维持曼联的实力。但是,一切并非如此简单。上任仅八个月,莫耶斯就被解雇了。原因很简单。结果太糟糕了,战术比赛没有给球迷带来希望。

After Moyes, Santoko invited the famous coach Van Gaal, who also confidently believed that: the famous coach + world-class players can bring Manchester United back on track. Therefore, he introduced Di Maria in a record-breaking manner, brought two Dutch fellows Depay and Blind, and hired Schweinsteiger, the beloved player of Bayern, with a high salary, and also rented the then superstar Farr The test... and the result? For a period of glorious years, even beheaded rivals Liverpool and noisy neighbor Manchester City, but since then they have fallen. Playing drowsy hypnotic football against a weak team, blindly falling down and unable to attack, can't win a game with all the effort. In the end, after winning the FA Cup, Santoko "killed the killer" to fire Van Gaal. Many years later, some Manchester United fans lamented with emotion: If San Dezi could give Van Gaaldo a season at that time, would the ending be different!

莫耶斯过后,桑托科邀请了著名教练范加尔(Van Gaal),他也坚信:著名教练+世界一流的球员可以使曼联重回正轨。因此,他以破纪录的方式介绍了迪玛莉亚(Di Maria),带来了亚博体彩网两个荷兰同胞Depay和Blind,并以高薪聘请了拜仁最受欢迎的球员Schweinsteiger,还租了当时的超级巨星Farr The Test ...结果?在一段辉煌的岁月中,甚至斩首了竞争对手利物浦和喧闹的邻居曼城,但自那以后他们就倒下了。与疲弱的球队对抗昏昏欲睡的足球,盲目摔倒,无法进攻,全力以赴无法赢得比赛。最后,在赢得足总杯冠军之后,桑托科“杀死了杀手”以解雇范加尔。多年以后,一些曼联球迷感慨万千:如果圣德兹可以给范加尔多一个赛季,那么结局会有所不同!

After the failures of Moyes and Van Gaal, Santoku is still very "naive". He always believes that as long as he is willing to spend money, he can solve the problem. Thus, in the summer of 2016 Mourinho came to Old Trafford domineering. Much’s Manchester United’s first season, 89 million pounds bought the "traitor" Pogba, 30 million euros introduced the Bundesliga assist king Mkhitaryan, 40 million euros introduced La Liga's top central defender Bailey, and also on loan Ibrahimovic. The addition of strong support made fans look forward to Manchester United very much, and that season did not disappoint the fans, winning the Europa League and League Cup. At the moment of holding the cup, I even think Mourinho will be able to bring Manchester United back to glory...

在Moyes和Van Gaal失败之后,Santoku仍然非常“天真”。他始终认为,只要他愿意花钱,他就能解决问题。因此,穆里尼奥(Mourinho)在2016年夏天来到老特拉福德(Old Trafford)进行霸气。曼联的第一个赛季很多时候是用8900万英镑购买的“叛徒”波格巴,3000万欧元引进了德甲助攻国王姆希塔良,4000万欧元引进了西甲的顶级中后卫贝利,而且还租借了伊布拉希莫维奇。强大的支持使球迷们非常期待曼联,那个赛季并没有让球迷失望,他们赢得了欧洲联赛和联赛杯冠军。在捧杯的那一刻,我什至认为穆里尼奥将能够将曼联带回荣耀……

In the second season of the Red Devils, Manchester United won the best league result in the post-Ferguson era-runner-up. At the same time, Sevilla was humiliatedly eliminated in the Champions League, coupled with ugly play, Mourinho's coaching position is at stake. These are not important, the most desperate thing is that in the winter window of that season, Santoko and Mourinho actually used the Premier League's highest salary to lure Sanchez to join Manchester United! What a foolish decision this is? The arrival of Sanchez directly led to turmoil in the dressing room, the team's salary structure was broken, and then Mourinho was dimly dismissed from get out of class, and Manchester United renewed players were demanded high salaries. Now, after sending Sanchez away, De Gea, who has the highest salary in the goalkeeper position, is slowly playing the role of Sanchez; Jones, Lingard, Rojo and other redundant players are not taken over by the team because of high salaries...

在红魔的第二个赛季,曼联赢得了后弗格森时代领跑者的最佳联赛成绩。同时,塞维利亚在冠军联赛中被羞辱淘汰,加上丑陋的比赛,穆里尼奥的执教位置at可危。这些并不重要,最令人绝望的是,在那个季节的冬季,桑托科和穆里尼奥实际上是用英超联赛的最高薪水来诱使桑切斯加盟曼联!这是什么愚蠢的决定?桑切斯的到来直接导致了更衣室的动荡,球队的薪资结构被打破,然后穆里尼奥被低级解雇,并要求曼联续约的球员要求高薪。现在,在离开桑切斯之后,在门将位置薪水最高的De Gea慢慢扮演着桑切斯的角色。琼斯,林加德,罗霍和其他多余的球员因为高薪而没有被球队接管...

Thinking back to this deal back then, Santoku's ignorance is maddening. He ignored the team as a whole, did not even consider the consequences of giving Sanchez the highest salary in the Premier League, nor did he evaluate the risks of introducing Sanchez. To give a simple example, the company suddenly came to a new colleague who had failed to make an inch of achievement. He was paid a lot higher than the old employee, but couldn't do anything. How could people not be jealous? Such a simple and simple truth, San Dezi did not understand, this CEO is too watery.


Why Manchester United spent 941 million pounds, but can't win even one league title? Everyone must understand this. Santoko always simply and ignorantly believes that as long as we give money to the famous coach to buy top players, he has not considered how to spend these transfer fees more valuable. To put it simply, San Dezi doesn't understand football, let alone how to negotiate, how to recruit players, and how to find coaches. He is like a proud second-generation rich man, foolishly only knowing how to spend money, but not how to spend it.

为什么曼联花了9.41亿英镑,却连一个联赛冠军都赢不了?每个人都必须了解这一点。 Santoko始终简单且无知地认为,只要我们把钱交给著名教练购买顶级球员,他就没有考虑过如何花费这些转会费更有价值。简而言之,圣德兹不了解足球,更不用说如何谈判,如何招募球员以及如何寻找教练了。他就像一个骄傲的第二代富翁,愚蠢地只知道如何花钱,却不知道如何花钱。

In addition, from Moyes' traditional English style of play, to Van Gaal's passing and controlling football, to Mourinho's defensive counterattack, Manchester United has never been able to continue the style of play these years. So we will see the players bought by the predecessor, the current player feels inappropriate, so they continue to spend money to buy people. What's worse, because of the high salaries of many players, clubs want to sell but cannot sell. This is a typical layman who is leading the insider. San Dezi, who doesn't understand the ball, doesn't know the way of operation. He stares at the castle in the sky and never considers to lay a solid foundation.


Of course, San Dezi has also improved in the past two years. For example, Winter Window did not accept Raiola’s overlord clause and did not introduce Haaland, did not accept Real Madrid’s buy-back clause without signing Reggie, and even the newly introduced players did not give too high salaries, like Maguire. , Fernandez are all paid within 200,000 yuan, which is very reasonable.

当然,圣德兹在过去两年中也有所改善。例如,冬季之窗不接受Raiola的霸主条款,不引入Haaland,不与Reggie签署就不接受皇家马德里的回购条款,甚至新引进的球员也没有像Maguire那样提供过高的薪水。 ,费尔南德斯都在20万元以内支付,这是非常合理的。

However, this is far from enough.


In this summer window, almost all Premier League teams are introducing players as planned, but Manchester United is very disappointing! Van der Beek, who has introduced 39 million euros, has strengthened the midfield. But everyone knows that Manchester United still has more urgent needs for reinforcement than midfielders, such as right winger and central defender, but Manchester United has no reliable news at all. Sancho has been doing it for more than half a year, but there has been no progress at all; Lindelof’s performance is obvious to all, but Upamecano is only a rumor. It has been less than two weeks since the transfer window closed, and it is very likely that everyone will see two endings. First, more than 100 million pounds introduced Sancho, or panic acquisition of Dembele; second, no one was bought at all...

在这个夏天的窗口中,几乎所有英超联赛球队都按计划引进了球员,但是曼联非常令人失望!引进了3,900万欧元的范德贝克加强了中场实力。但是所有人都知道,与右翼和中后卫等中场相比,曼联仍然需要更紧急的增援,但曼联根本没有可靠的消息。 Sancho已经进行了半年多,但是却没有任何进展。 Lindelof的表现对所有人都是显而易见的,但Upamecano只是一亚博体彩网个谣言。自转移窗口关闭以来不到两周,很可能每个人都会看到两个结局。首先,超过1亿英镑引入了Sancho,即对Dembele的紧急收购;第二,根本没人买...

It has been 7 years since Ferguson retired. When will Manchester United return to glory? no one knows. As a fan, I know that what Manchester United lacks is not money, but a top football director who can guide Manchester United back on track. Doesn't San Dezi know? Or, don't want to know?


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