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The last time the Ligue 1 came to an abrupt end, it also dates back to the distant 1939-40 season. The Second World War brought football to a “stop”, this time it was forced by an unscrupulous epidemic. So far, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in France is 169,052, and the death toll is 23,694. Although the number of confirmed cases is lower than that of the United States, Spain, and Italy, the situation being compared is not safe at all, and it is still grim. As early as April, Paris The police requisitioned large markets as temporary morgues and eased the pressure on the funeral industry.

上一次Ligue 1突然结束时,它还可以追溯到遥远的1939-40赛季。第二次世界大战使足球陷入了“停顿”,这一次是由于一场不道德的流行所迫使。到目前为止,法国确诊病例的累计数量为169,052,死亡人数为23,694。尽管确诊病例的数量低于美国,西班牙和意大利,但所比较的情况根本不安全,仍然严峻。早在4月,巴黎警察就将大型市场作为临时太平间征用,并缓解了fun葬业的压力。

The reason for the termination of Ligue 1 is very clear in the speech of Prime Minister Philip: "Since the new crown vaccine cannot be developed in a short time, we have to adapt to this virus, and it will continue to spread between us." In short, the fundamental method to control the epidemic has not yet come into being. The most effective way is to prevent all gathering activities while doing personal prevention.

总理菲利普(Philip Philip)的讲话中很清楚终止Ligue 1的原因:“由于不能在短时间内开发出新的冠状疫苗,我们必须适应这种病毒,并且它将继续在我们之间传播。 ”简而言之,控制该流行病的基本方法尚未出现。最有效的方法是在进行个人防护时阻止所有聚会活动。

The French Professional Football League (LFP) has worked hard. After announcing the suspension on March 13, it carried out a "big move" this month. First issued a statement: "The players will return to the team for training within a week starting on May 11, and will undergo a comprehensive physical examination. After that, the medical staff will continue to observe the health of the players every day." Broadcasters Canal+ and BEINSports have reached an agreement, and both broadcasters have also stated that they will pay part of the broadcast fees that were previously arrears.

法国职业足球联赛(LFP)努力工作。在3月13日宣布停职后,它在本月进行了一次“大动作”。首先发表声明:“球员将从5月11日开始的一周内返回球队进行训练,并将接受全面的身体检查。之后,医务人员将继续每天观察球员的健康状况。”广播公司Canal +和BEINSports已达成协议,两家广播公司还表示,他们将支付先前欠款的部分广播费用。

All the people who care about Ligue 1 are waiting for the restart day with a willful mood, but life is precious. The former chairman of Marseille Pap Diouf died of the new crown virus. At the beginning of this month, the team doctor of the Reims Club, Gonzalez, He committed suicide at home, and he was previously diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Before the development of the new crown vaccine, the risky choice of restarting the league obviously violates the values ​​of the community of life, and the French president has repeatedly emphasized the importance of collective interests in public.

所有关心Ligue 1的人都怀着一种任性的心情等待着重启日,但生命却是宝贵的。马赛·帕·迪乌夫(Marseille Pap Diouf)的前董事长死于新的冠状病毒。本月初,冈萨雷斯兰斯俱乐部的队医在家里自杀,此前他被诊断出患有新的冠状病毒。在开发新的冠状疫苗之前,重启联盟的冒险选择显然违反了生活社区的价值观,而法国总统一再强调公共利益集体的重要性。

No one wants these high-levels, players, coaches, employees, and fans who have devoted themselves to football to "fight" the epidemic at the cost of their lives. As the main body of life, people will maximize their essential power to solve the problem, but they also need to emphasize people. Constraint in the perceptual world. Life does not exist for loss, on the contrary, it becomes more meaningful because of careful protection. Last month, Serie A was the first to be empty and closed. This month the Dutch Football Association and the Mexican Football Association announced the early end of the season. This is another way of taking advantage of the trend. People are the sum of social relations, and the protection of life and health can only come to Japan.


From the perspective of maintaining a community of life, such a decision is understandable, but it’s not easy to truly achieve “amidst the big waves, neither happy nor afraid”. For example, the Dutch League announced earlier to end this season early. Created a rivalry between the two worlds.


The lead Ajax was not convinced by the cancellation of the championship, and Alkmaar's hopes of competing with him were completely swallowed, and because of the disadvantage of the goal difference, he only got the tickets for next season's Champions League qualification. In addition, the leader of the Dutch second team, Cambriel, was very hopeful to return to the Eredivisie, but the Dutch Football Association’s decision to cancel the promotion and relegation made them dumb and eat Huanglian. No wonder the coach of Cambril declared: "This is the biggest shame in the history of Dutch sports. To this end, a petition was specifically initiated, not ruled out using legal means to speak for themselves, of course, the Hague and Waalwijk, who are in the relegation zone, were relieved.

领先的阿贾克斯对取消冠军并不确信,阿尔克马尔与他竞争的希望被完全吞没了,由于球门差的缺点,他只获得了下赛季欧洲冠军联赛资格的门票。此外,荷兰第二队的领导人坎布里埃尔(Cambriel)非常希望重返埃雷迪维西(Eredivisie),但荷兰足协(Africa Football Association)取消晋级和降级的决定使他们愚蠢并吃了黄连。难怪坎布里尔(Cambril)的教练宣布:“这是荷兰体育史上最大的耻辱。为此,特意发起了一项请愿书,但不排除使用法律手段为自己辩护的请求,当然是海牙和瓦尔韦克,在保级区的人都松了一口气。

Although the Dutch Football Association allocates tickets for various European competitions based on the current ranking of the clubs, this nominal fairness will become subtle because of their respective interests. There is no precedent, naturally, "it is impossible to follow". Although the English league was suspended due to World War II in the 1939-40 season, only three rounds were played at that time. Therefore, the league was cancelled directly and the championship trophy was not awarded. It is not much controversial. 25 rounds were held. However, Ligue 1 did not follow suit. Their issues regarding the ownership of the champions, the allocation of places in the European war, and the promotion and relegation were set to be discussed in May. There is room for buffering, but it does not mean that everyone is happy. At best, one party will always be sacrificed. , Because all measures are just forced remedies.

尽管荷兰足球协会会根据俱乐部目前的排名为各种欧洲比赛分配门票,但由于各自的利益,这种名义上的公平性将变得微妙。自然,没有先例可以遵循。尽管由于第二次世界大战在1939-40赛季暂停了英超联赛,但当时只进行了三轮比赛。因此,该联赛被直接取消,并且冠军奖杯未被授予。争议不大。举行了25回合。但是,Ligue 1没有效仿。他们关于冠军的所有权,在欧洲战争中的席位分配以及晋升和降级的问题定于五月讨论。有缓冲的空间,但这并不意味着每个人都很高兴。充其量,一个党总是会牺牲的。 ,因为所有措施只是强制性的补救措施。

Perhaps, Paris, which has been the leader in Ligue 1 in recent years, doesn’t care too much about the league championship. It leads Marseille by as much as 12 points in one less round, but the same situation is projected to the Premier League, which is a different picture, with a lead of 25. The scored Liverpool hopes to fill the Premier League championship shortage this year, but if the Dutch Football Association’s decision is copied, Liverpool’s original champions within reach will be out of reach, and the famous Lineker will be “on the front line” again. He said: "Refer to the Eredivisie ending the season or the only way out for the Premier League."


The "first step" Eredivisie is naturally the target of reference. In addition, the Mexican Football Association has announced that the promotion and promotion system will be cancelled for the next six seasons. It is still unknown whether the French Ligue 1 will fully replicate it. The final decision will obviously be cautious. After all, there are other four-nation leagues that are in motion. Especially for Liverpool in the Premier League, this is a game between "new crown" and "new crown".

自然而然地,“第一步” Eredivisie就是目标。此外,墨西哥足球协会宣布,在接下来的六个赛季中将取消晋升和晋升制度。尚不清楚法国的Ligue 1是否会完全复制它。最终决定显然是谨慎的。毕竟,还有其他四个民族的联盟在发展。特别是对于英超联赛的利物浦,这是一场介于“新皇冠”和“新皇冠”之间的比赛。

The good news is that the “Times” previously revealed that the Premier League has formulated a preliminary restart plan, which will be resumed on June 8 and the remaining schedule will be played on July 27. The new season will resume on August 22. The suggestion of "free live broadcast" will be considered, but the bad news is that Ligue 1 also tried to restart before and was eventually killed. Therefore, Liverpool fans feel the same feeling as if sitting on pins and needles. It is helpless to wait and see. When the decision is not in their own hands, in fact, more people can only feel the same as Teacher Zhan Jun.

好消息是,《时报》先前曾透露英超已经制定了一项初步的重启计划,该计划将于6月8日恢复,其余赛程将于7月27日开始。新赛季将于8月22日恢复。建议考虑“免费直播”,但坏消息是Ligue 1也曾尝试重新启动并最终被杀死。因此,利物浦球迷的感觉就像坐在大头针上一样。拭目以待是无奈的。实际上,如果没有自己的决定,那么更多的人只能像詹军老师一样。

The Dutch Football Association’s decision has already triggered new controversies. People who have suffered losses such as Kambre are already taking a national petition + legal appeal. However, in the context of the spread of the epidemic and the economic depression, there are not many small players. How long will the meeting last in this new whirlpool, its own economic foundation is weak, the controlled pressure is more obvious, and it is impossible for the whole body to retreat.


In late March, the chairman of the Ligue 1 club federation predicted: “If there is no government assistance, about half of the clubs will file for bankruptcy within six months. The epidemic has already cost the five major European leagues 4 billion euros. The loss in the first league is between 500 and 600 million euros." Lyon, which previously announced that all players were included in the temporary unemployment list, has already signaled. In addition, the "Kicker" magazine specifically analyzed that nearly half of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga clubs will experience bankruptcy, and cited Schalke 04 with a debt of up to 198 million.

3月下旬,Ligue 1俱乐部联合会主席预测:“如果没有政府的援助,大约一半的俱乐部将在六个月内申请破产。这种流行病已经使欧洲五个主要联盟损失了40亿欧元。第一个联赛的损失在500到6亿欧元之间。”里昂此前曾宣布所有球员都已列入临时失业名单,这已经发出信号。此外,《踢球》杂志还专门分析了将近一半的德甲和德甲俱乐部将面临破产,并引述沙尔克04高达1.98亿的债务。

In other words, operational difficulties must occur before appealing difficulties, and they are more common. In the days when there is no ball to play, small and medium balls will lose their fertile ground for survival. The Swiss Super League Sion had already fired 9 players at the end of March. The reason for the dismissal was that these players rejected the club’s offer of temporary unemployment. The deep layer is that the club’s “surplus” is not enough to support it. Recently, the Lokeren club in Belgium also Because of the arrears of 5 million euros and no investors willing to hold hands, they finally declared bankruptcy because they could not pay the wages of the players and employees.


Perhaps the epidemic is not the number one killer, but it has undoubtedly aggravated their "difficulties".


In the five major leagues, there is a wave of salary cuts. Donations and application for unemployment subsidies have also become a trend. If the five major leagues fail to restart this season, the valuable broadcast contract will be another big punch. This itself is a complete and orderly chain. The spread of the epidemic has disrupted the step-by-step rhythm, and the domino effect will follow.


The wealthy giants may be able to support for a period of time. In fact, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Juventus and others have announced temporary pay cuts for first-line players. Small and medium-sized clubs are not so lucky. , The whole body is affected by a move, and it is too difficult to be alone in danger. On the evening of April 28, UEFA officially announced that it had allocated 236.5 million euros through the HatTrick Fund to help 55 member states fight the epidemic. Although each member association received a maximum of 4.3 million euros, it was sighing that Ligue 1 was "halved." "At this time, this should also be regarded as a timely rain.

富裕的巨人也许能够维持一段时间。实际上,巴塞罗那,拜仁,尤文图斯等人已经宣布暂时削减一线球员的工资。中小型俱乐部不是那么幸运。 ,整个身体都受到移动的影响,很难独自处于危险之中。 4月28日晚,欧洲足联正式宣布通过HatTrick亚搏体育平台官方基金拨款2.365亿欧元,以帮助55个成员国抗击这一流行病。尽管每个成员协会最多获得430万欧元,但令Ligue 1减半的情况令人叹为观止。他说:“目前,这也应该算是及时降雨。

UEFA stated that its national football associations must report specific league plans before May 25. Of course, this also needs to be approved by the relevant parts of the government. Even if the five major leagues are ultimately "doomed" this season, it will end. Means a new beginning.


In the face of emergencies, the living space and real feelings of society do not radiate outward according to the established principles. The benefit of life is the only lever. It is important to meet the integrity of the league, but it is also easy to bubble while being overly afraid of losing.化.


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