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In the early morning of October 2nd, Beijing time, the results of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League group stage were announced after drawing lots. The four Premier League teams Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea have all determined their opponents, and the destiny of the four teams is also different.


Although they were eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the 1/8 finals last season, they won the Premier League championship after 30 years, and the team’s steady and strong lineup made no team dare to underestimate Liverpool. Klopp’s The team is still the favorite to win the Champions League this season. In this grouping draw, the Red Army is divided into Group D, the three opponents are Ajax in the Dutch League, Atlanta in Serie A, and the Danish team in Jutland.


In this group, Liverpool's strength is undoubtedly the strongest, if no accidents will ensure the first qualifying group. Among these three opponents, the Danish team in Jutland is recognized as the underdog. As the team to participate in the Champions League for the first time, they may encounter a "group stage round trip."


Among the other two teams, Ajax was the Champions League semi-final in the 2018/19 season, while Atlanta reached the quarter-finals last season. On the surface, neither team is easy to mess with, but in fact, Ajax's core lineup that season has basically been hollowed out, and they did not even qualify in the group stage last season. Atlanta is a famous crazy offensive team. Last season, they scored 98 goals in 38 league rounds, the number of goals ranked first in Serie A, but 48 goals conceded is the most in the top four in Serie A, this kind of like " The team that "smashed" can be said to be Liverpool's dream opponent.


In terms of the clash record, Liverpool and Ajax have played twice in total. It was in the distant 1966/67 season. At that time, the two teams met in the Champions League group stage. As a result, Liverpool lost 1-5 in the away game in the first leg. The home game was only a 2-2 draw with the opponent. In addition, the Red Army has no previous clash record with Atlanta and China Jutland.


Last season, Manchester City was regarded as one of the absolute favorites to win the Champions League, but they were upset and eliminated by Lyon in the quarter-finals. Guardiola's number one goal in the new season is still to lead this team into team history. The first Champions League trophy. In this grouping, Manchester City drew Group C, their opponents include Portuguese super powerhouse Porto, Greek powerhouse Olympiacos, and Ligue 1 powerhouse Marseille.

上赛季,曼城被视为赢得冠军联赛的绝对热门之一,但他们在四分之一决赛中被里昂击败并淘汰。瓜迪奥拉在新赛季的头号目标仍然是带领这支球队进入球队历史。第一个冠军联赛奖杯。在这一组中,曼城吸引了C组,他们的对手包括葡萄牙超级劲旅波尔图,希腊劲旅Olympiacos和Ligue 1强力马赛。

In the last four seasons, Manchester City has never encountered a super strong team in the Champions League group stage, and in the 12 group stage opponents in these four seasons, in addition to having encountered Shakhtar Donetsk three times, other goals The teams have only met once. Among the opponents this season, Porto, Marseille and Olympiacos can be said to be relatively mediocre, which gives Blue Moon a chance to stand out from the crowd.


Although Porto was the Champions League champion in 2004, the results of the European war in recent years have been relatively bleak. This team once qualified as the group leader in the 18/19 season, and was defeated by Liverpool in the quarter-finals. 1 eliminated. Olympiacos was in a group with Bayern, Tottenham and the Red Star of Belgrade last season. As a result, they ranked third in the group stage and slipped to the Europa League. Marseille has missed the Champions League for 6 consecutive seasons.

尽管波尔图在2004年获得了欧洲冠军联赛的冠军,但近年来欧洲战争的结果却相对黯淡。这支球队曾经在18/19赛季有资格成为小组组长,并在四分之一决赛中被利物浦击败。 1个被淘汰。上赛季,奥林匹亚科斯与拜仁,热刺和贝尔格莱德红星队在一起。结果,他们在小组赛中排名第三,并滑入欧罗巴联赛。马赛已经连续6个赛季无缘欧洲冠军联赛。

In terms of the clash record, Manchester City and Porto have met twice. In the 2011/12 UEFA Europa League knockout, Blue Moon won 2-1 away in the first leg of the season. After returning to home, they beat their opponents 4-0. The other two teams Olympiacos and Marseille, Manchester City have never played against them.


Manchester United reached the semi-finals of the Europa League last season, but unfortunately lost to the eventual champion Sevilla. This season, the Red Devils return to the Champions League after a year, and their goal is to regain their former glory. In this group draw, Manchester United was assigned to Group H, which can be said to be a "death group". The Red Devils' opponents include French giants Paris Saint-Germain, Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig, and Turkish team Istanbul.


Among the four Premier League teams, Manchester United’s signing is the worst. Although the same group has Istanbul, which competes in the Champions League for the first time, the other two teams Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig are both stubborn. "Daily Mail" Anxiously said: "For Manchester United, this is a nightmare night."

在四支英超联赛球队中,曼联的签约情况最差。尽管同一小组中有伊斯坦布尔,这是第一次参加冠军联赛,但其他两支球队巴黎圣日耳曼队和莱比锡队都固执。 《每日邮报》焦急地说道:“对于曼联来说,这是一场噩梦之夜。”

Solskjaer coached Manchester United's first season, which was the Champions League 1/8 final of the 18/19 season. Manchester United had a 3-1 away game against Paris after being behind 0-2 at home, but this Ligue 1 giants The season reached the Champions League final, the desire for revenge and the ambition to reach the Champions League final again gave them infinite fighting spirit when facing Manchester United. What can give Manchester United a little comfort is that Paris in the Champions League group stage 6 matches the English team only won 1 game, the remaining 5 games were 3 draws and 2 losses.

索尔斯克亚执教曼联的第一个赛季,即18/19赛季的冠军联赛1/8决赛。曼联在主场0-2落后之后以3-1客场对阵巴黎,但这位Ligue 1巨人本赛季达到了欧洲冠军联赛决赛,复仇的欲望和进军欧洲冠军联赛决赛的野心再次给了他们无限面对曼联时的斗志。可以给曼联带来一点安慰的是,巴黎在欧冠小组赛第6阶段的比赛中,英格兰队只赢了1场比赛,其余5场比赛是3平2负。

Leipzig reached the semi-finals of the Champions League last season. Although they lost 0-3 to Paris and lost the top center Werner, they also brought in the South Korean stars of Crystal Palace center Soros and Salzburg Red Bull. Huang Xican, his strength has not dropped significantly. Although the Turkish team Istanbul is only a 30-year-old Champions League new army, the straight-line distance from Manchester to Istanbul, where this team is located, is about 2,700 kilometers. This long-distance journey will also be a huge test for Manchester United.


In terms of clash records, the only two encounters between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain were the big reversal in the 18/19 season. The Red Devils have never met Leipzig or Istanbul.


Chelsea was eliminated 7-1 in two rounds by Bayern in the Champions League 1/8 finals last season. The young team led by Lampard also paid the price for their lack of experience. Chelsea, which has greatly strengthened the lineup in the new season, will no longer stop at qualifying for the group, but go as far as possible. In this draw, Chelsea were assigned to Group E. Their opponents include last season's Europa League champion Sevilla, Russian team Krasnodar, and Ligue 1 Rennes.


La Liga powerhouse Sevilla is strong and is known as the "King of the Europa League." The score was eliminated 2-1; in the 2016/17 season, Sevilla was eliminated in the Champions League 1/8 finals, when they were eliminated by the Premier League big dark Mare Leicester City.


Except for Sevilla, Rennes and Russia’s Krasnodar are both new players in the Champions League. In this arena, their experience is zero, which is also a double-edged sword-because it is the first time they compete in the Champions League, they Maybe they will all become part-off boys. On the other hand, they may not be afraid of tigers when they are born, causing problems for Chelsea and Sevilla. For the Blues, these are potential unstable factors. It is also worth noting that Chelsea just spent 24 million euros this summer to introduce Rennes goalkeeper Mendy, the Senegalese will soon usher in a confrontation with their old club.


In terms of clash records, Chelsea and Sevilla, Rennes and Krasnodar have not met before.


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