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亚搏体育平台官方:武汉回来了!疫情后首场赛事 抗疫英雄红了眼眶

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   When it was learned that this year's National Synchronized Swimming Championships had chosen to be held in Wuhan Sports Center, the 38-year-old Zuo Lei felt like "Chinese New Year".


   This year's Spring Festival, a sudden epidemic spread in Wuhan. After the lockdown, he and his wife were in the same city, but they had not seen each other for 2 months.


   Throughout the Chinese New Year, he, like other Wuhan citizens, was both nervous and depressed.


   "Wuhan is my hometown. It suddenly became ill. I was very anxious and worried."


   On February 4, Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd. accepted the task of superiors and quickly transformed the stadium into a square cabin hospital.


   A battle against time started here.


   Zuo Lei was the supervisor of the equipment guarantee team at the venue. He spent 3 days and 3 nights building a shelter hospital with his colleagues for use.


   From the start of the anti-epidemic mode on February 4 to the closure of the cabin on March 8, the process of 1 month and 4 days is a long and unforgettable process.


   After more than six, the Wuhan Sports Center will be used publicly for the first time this year to welcome athletes, referees, coaches and reporters who come to participate in the competition.


   Standing at the entrance of the sports center, he watched the Huayou athletes take the bus to the stadium, and he couldn't help sighing, "Everything has started again."




   In the night, the swimming pool in Zhuankou, Wuhan suddenly lit up and regained its vitality.


   There were no spectators, and there were a dozen or so people sitting scattered in the stands.


   They are all staff from each team and athletes who did not participate in the competition. However, the background music accompanied by the sound of the competition made this competition not lonely.


   Several hundred meters away from the swimming pool, you can hear the dynamic music.


   The subsidiary hall next to the main hall is also open. Several parents waiting for the completion of their children’s swimming training spend their time chatting under the falling lights.


   Except for no spectators in the swimming pool, everything else is business as usual.


The    diving pool has become a warm-up pool and a relaxation pool, with a huge baffle in the middle separating the main competition area.


   This is a 50-meter swimming pool. Huayou athletes fluttered in the water, gracefully interpreting the charm of music, and they made Wuhan Sports Center shine again.


   This year's Synchronized Swimming Championships is of great significance to Wuhan and even Hubei.


  Sailing, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, told Sina Sports, “Sports cannot be absent for the revival of Hubei after the epidemic. We hope to rejuvenate the confidence of the province’s economy through the competition and also boost the spirit of the people of the province.”


  As the epidemic has not yet been completely eliminated, all parts of the country are cautious, thoughtful and meticulous in organizing different competitions, especially in Wuhan.


   Starting from September 25th, the Huayou National Championship, a total of 8 sports teams participated, and the total number of players was 116. Including coaches and officials, there are 180 people.


   These players, coaches and officials are completely closed during the entire competition period. They need to do a nucleic acid test before departure and then do it again when they arrive at the competition site.


   The Peninsula Hotel where he stayed was also closed because of the competition.


The sailor introduced: "The Peninsula Hotel has undertaken the social responsibility of the state-owned enterprise and is very cooperative. Many rooms are vacated in the enclosed area, which is a loss to the hotel, but the hotel does not hesitate to lose money, and in accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee, assists in the safety of the competition. Orderly."

水手介绍说:“半岛酒店承担了国有企业的社会责任,并且非常合作。在封闭区域内腾出了很多房间,这对酒店造成了损失,但酒店却毫不犹豫地赔了钱。 ,并按照组委会的要求,为比赛的安全提供了帮助。”

   In order to ensure the smooth progress of this competition, the competition organizing committee formulated a 20-page "epidemic prevention and control work plan" before the competition.


   Several prevention and control measures are clearly stated in the "plan":


   The first is: the team stays in the designated hotel in the competition area, and arranges two athletes, one coach, and the same team members to stay on the same floor, separated from other teams or personnel.


   The seventh chapter of the “plan” is the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, and the organizing committee has also made emergency preparations for the worst.


   If there is a positive nucleic acid test in any test before the start of the game, there will be three countermeasures.


   If a nucleic acid test in the hotel is positive after the start of the game, there will be 4 ways to deal with it, including the immediate termination of the game.


   Because reporters other than CCTV were not allowed to interview the athletes in person for this competition, the author interviewed "Evergreen" Huang Xuechen through WeChat. She said that when she learned that the competition was about to be held in Wuhan, she was not afraid in her heart, but felt honored.


  "This is the front line where our great medical staff have fought. It is not easy to be able to compete in Wuhan, and finally to be able to race and return safely. I am very grateful for Wuhan's support here.


"After we came to the venue, everything was the same as when we came before. It made us feel very warm (we have participated in several games in the same venue before). Everyone is sticking to their posts and is very dedicated, so we have no worries. "


  The sailors admitted that there is a certain degree of risk in holding the competition. "Because the swimming pool has stricter requirements for prevention and control, we believe that if this competition can be successfully completed, other competitions can also be held in Wuhan."

水手们承认举行比赛有一定程度的风险。 “由于游泳池对预防和控制的要求更加严格,我们认为,如果这项比赛能够成功完成,那么其他比赛也将在武汉举行。”

   During this competition, Zuo Lei's position has changed. He served as the deputy director of the stadium operation and development department, mainly responsible for equipment guarantee.


   One month before the competition, he has begun to formulate relevant specific requirements; when the venues are arranged 1-2 weeks before the start of the competition, Zuo Lei must be there every day to participate in every step of the equipment installation.


   As time approaches, his expectations for the game are getting stronger and stronger, and he hopes to see the stadium lights come on. This is a sign of recovery.


   "The entire city of Wuhan has regained its former vitality. The venue is hosting a national competition for the first time this year. I feel that the whole work has returned to the starting point and everything has started again."




  Across the road from the swimming pool is the gymnasium. The members of this stadium are the most familiar with Guoyu. In the past few years, they will come here to participate in the Asian Championships every year in late April.


   Due to the epidemic this year, the game was cancelled, and the national badminton soldiers did not show up.


  In that month and four days, this gymnasium changed its role and mission and turned into a shelter hospital.


   Every day on the way to work, Zuo Lei can see the appearance of the stadium, the round stadium, like a seed shape, but also like an enlarged version of a carousel wrapped in it.


   Many times, scenes of the severe epidemic were replayed before his eyes.


  Wu Zhifeng, general manager of Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd., clearly remembers the scene when the square cabin hospital was built.


   "I basically didn't sleep much in those few days." After receiving the instruction to renovate the gymnasium, he was both excited and deeply felt that the task was arduous. "The lives of ordinary people are above all else."

“那几天我基本上没有睡很多。”在接到了对体育馆进行翻修的指示后,他既兴奋又深刻地意识到这项任务艰巨。 “老百姓的生活高于一切。”

   There are a lot of difficulties before his eyes. How to gather people to start work quickly, how to collect enough materials in Wuhan after the city is closed, all these must be solved by him immediately, without any hesitation.


   "The migrant workers have all gone back, and the employees are on holiday. Many raw materials and building materials markets are closed."


   Many employees who have already returned to their hometown rushed back to Wuhan spontaneously.


   At this moment, they put aside their fear, and the sense of social responsibility is fully reflected in these sports system workers.


   This gymnasium can hold 12,000 seats. After being transformed into a square cabin hospital, it can accommodate 1057 beds.


   In addition to building the infrastructure, making the bed is also a difficult task. With insufficient manpower, Wu Zhifeng immediately joined the team.


   "The task falls on our team, and we have to do it well." He led his colleagues to successfully complete the preliminary work, and then transferred the follow-up work to the rescue team. The Fangcang shelter hospital began to admit patients on February 12.

“任务落在我们的团队上,我们必须做好。”他带领他的同事成功地完成了前期工作,然后将后续工作移交给了救援队。 2月12日,芳仓庇护所医院开始收治患者。

   "In this shelter hospital, people with mild symptoms or suspected cases will be sent to the hospital for treatment if they are seriously ill."


   After the patient turns from positive to negative, they will arrange for the recovered people to be sent to the isolation point in each district, and observe for another 14 days. They will not go home until they are OK.


   In 26 days, this Fangcang shelter hospital has achieved zero deaths of patients, zero turning heads, and zero infections of medical staff. This is what makes Wu Zhifeng most gratified.


   After the square cabin hospital is built, the logistics support is equally important, and procurement is a link that cannot be ignored.


   "Food as small as toothpaste, toothbrushes and baby warmers, as large as patients and suspected cases, must be guaranteed."


Patients and suspected cases living in Fangcang shelter hospitals must have nutrition guarantee for three meals a day, “make them feel at home. We will provide different foods every day, 5 or 6 dishes, plus fruit and milk. , Let them eat well and live well."

住在芳仓收容所医院的患者和疑似病例必须保证每天三餐的营养,“使他们有宾至如归的感觉。我们每天将提供不同的食物,5或6道菜以及水果和牛奶。 ,让他们吃得好,生活得好。”

   During the entire fight against the epidemic, Wu Zhifeng did not go home to sleep for 70 days, and did not meet with his family several times in the middle. He could only go to the designated place to get clean clothes from his family.


   Every night, he sleeps with his colleagues in the office. When he is tired, he does not know he is asleep on the sofa.


   In the days when their mobility was restricted, their hair gradually grew longer. Someone in the unit volunteered to take on the role of a barber, giving each of their colleagues a new look.


   At this point, Wu Zhifeng laughed. The epidemic is gray, but the bits and pieces that occurred during the epidemic are also good memories.


   In an interview with Sina Sports, Wu Zhifeng also blushed several times.


   When the weather turned cold, Zuo Lei and several colleagues put on protective clothing and walked into the shelter hospital to install the radiator, which made him choked.




   Zuo Lei, born in 1982, has never told his wife that he had ever ventured into a shelter hospital.


   On February 15th, the temperature in Wuhan dropped suddenly and it started to snow. How to keep patients and suspected cases warm has become a problem for Zuo Lei and his colleagues.


   It is not allowed to replace the air with pathogenic bacteria in the shelter hospital outside, so air-conditioning cannot be used. The only way is to let the staff install oil heaters and heaters in the shelter hospital.


   Before the decision, who would dare to risk his life to complete this "feat", Zuo Lei raised his hand. Thinking back to the pressing scenes at that time, he is still a little scared.


   "I must be afraid. I have not done relevant medical security work before, but I have received training in the early stage to understand epidemic prevention knowledge."


   But the first step is not to put on protective clothing, but to purchase heating equipment. This task was also given to him by the senior management of the unit.


   He and his colleagues almost ran through Wuhan, "All shopping malls are under-supply. We first went to the two supermarkets in Zhuankou to purchase some supplies, and then went to the supermarket in Hankou."


   He called various suppliers and bought them wherever they were available. The moment he bought enough supplies, he only had the satisfaction of completing the task.


   Running on the road, there are almost no pedestrians outside the entire downtown area. He stared at this lonely city through the car window, hesitated.


   But after putting on the protective clothing, he put all his worries behind, but when he actually entered the shelter hospital, the scenes in front of him still stimulated his nerves.


   "Seeing that the patient's condition is a little serious, the doctor is helping them expectoration, and some older patients have basic diseases. When they see that they are coughing, the doctor is helping them to measure their temperature and blood pressure."


  The heater needs to be installed not far from the hospital bed and the rest area. He inevitably passes by them, but he has no time to be afraid.


   Within 24 hours, he entered the Fangcang shelter hospital twice and stayed for more than ten hours.


   "It's really a race against time. We have to install the equipment before the temperature drops to ensure the heating in the shelter hospital."


   In fact, this is not the most tiring moment for Zuo Lei.


   During the 3 days and 3 nights when the Fangcang shelter hospital was built, he only slept for 3-4 hours a day. He stayed outside the gym all night, took a nap when he was tired, and went to see the scene as soon as he woke up.


   "I must arrange the wiring, basic electricity, water heater, and lighting of the entire shelter hospital in advance."


   Before the construction of the shelter hospital, the employees of Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd. in Wuhan spontaneously sank to the community to be volunteers.


   Zuo Lei said frankly that the risk during that period was even higher than when he installed a heater. “I was not afraid to take the temperature of suspected cases at that time. I wanted to help them. I never thought that there might be a risk of infection.”

左磊坦率地说,在此期间的危险甚至比安装加热器时还要高。 “我当时不怕承受可疑案件的温度。我想帮助他们。我从没想过可能会有感染的危险。”

   On March 8th, the day when the Fangcang cabin hospital was closed, his tense heartstrings finally relaxed. That was the first time he smiled so happily in those two months, "Happy, because it took a long time to go home."




   During the period of fighting the epidemic, Wu Zhifeng also participated in the party entrance ceremony of two employees.


   These two employees are responsible for purchasing food for the Fangcang shelter hospital. They go to the supermarket every day. "At that time, going to the supermarket was actually quite dangerous."

这两名员工负责为芳仓庇护所医院购买食物。他们每天去超市。 “那时,去超市实际上是很危险的。”

   Recalling that day, Wu Zhifeng said excitedly: “Just outside the command room of the Fangcang shelter hospital, the party flag is hung on the wall, and everyone witnesses them joining the party.”


   There are still many moving stories that have occurred in the sports system. Marine soldiers, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, still remembers such a thing.


   Hongshan Gymnasium originally held the Tokyo Olympic boxing qualifiers in February this year. Before the Spring Festival, the organizers have been preparing for this important event.


   After the facilities in the gymnasium were completed, the epidemic broke out and the game was changed.


  Because the Hongshan Gymnasium was going to be transformed into a shelter hospital, the equipment had to be removed overnight, but there were no workers at that time.


   The athletes and coaches of the Heavy Athletic Center of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, and the staff of the Hongshan Sports Center mobilized and spent one night dismantling the equipment. "When disassembling these equipment, you must be careful not to damage them."

湖北省体育局重型体育中心的运动员和教练以及红山体育中心的工作人员动员起来,花了一整夜来拆卸设备。 “拆卸这些设备时,必须小心不要损坏它们。”

   At the Honglian Lake Water Sports Base in Ezhou, some athletes did not go home and conducted closed training.


   The epidemic has also occurred in Ezhou. Athletes, coaches and staff have turned into volunteers to participate in the local anti-epidemic work. Dozens of people have gathered to be responsible for the delivery of supplies.


  At important moments, the athletes, coaches and staff of the sports system have assumed their social responsibilities, and carried forward the sports quality of fearlessness on the sports field to life, and brought the power of the people in Hubei who are in the epidemic.


   After the epidemic, Wuhan faced the challenge of flood again in July.


   The staff of Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd. walked out of the shelter of the shelter hospital and once again embodied volunteers and walked onto the embankment.


Wu Zhifeng said, "After receiving the notice in the afternoon the previous day, some staff assembled a'commando team' and rushed to the disaster area overnight. The household items were sent there after the family members, and they have been there for more than 30 days. And did not rest."


  The dike of a thousand miles was destroyed by an ant nest. They couldn't let this happen, so they would take turns to patrol the dike every day. Wu Zhifeng heard that the earth dike was in danger from time to time.


   "Some staff members can see the vipers under the embankment." Those who have experienced the fight against the epidemic have accumulated enough experience in dealing with emergencies and successfully completed this volunteer mission.


   After they returned to the company, they were praised by Wu Zhifeng, "The staff of our sports system can contribute to the society even when there is no competition."


   This flower tour competition was held in Wuhan Sports Center, and Wu Zhifeng was very happy.


   "The significance is extraordinary. Wuhan has experienced the baptism of the epidemic and is now able to host a national competition, which will help all parties restore the confidence of the market."


   He revealed to Sina Sports that although the company was under considerable economic pressure during the epidemic, it did not lay off employees.


   "They are all very cute people, and they have to pay no less. No matter how hard they are, they must stand up and they cannot fire their employees."


   For this competition, the Provincial Sports Bureau allocated more than 2 million yuan. After removing the cost of running the competition, Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd. “slightly made a profit.”


   Everything started to return to normal.


   Wu Zhifeng told Sina Sports hopefully that Wuhan Sports Center will host a sports culture festival from October 1st to 8th this year.


   "It's what I advocate, for 8 days. We want to rebirth from the ashes and benefit the people by opening the Wuhan Sports Center."


   In the next step, he plans to build ice rinks and rock climbing facilities, and looks forward to building his own IP competition, conducting market-oriented investment promotion, and also conducting public welfare activities.


   At the same time that the flower tour competition was underway on the evening of the 25th, the stadium was brightly lit, saying goodbye to the temporary role of the shelter hospital, and it returned to the familiar role.


   The staff responsible for the media reception of this game told Sina Sports, "Here is a basketball charity event on October 4th."


   The 2020 epidemic is a test for China and the Chinese people. We have experienced initial shock and confusion.


   Looking back, this spring brings us confidence and perseverance, calmness and strength.


  Sports people feel their own power just like everyone in every position.


   They are the fearless people in the face of natural disasters, and they are also the power of unity under the five-star red flag.


(Dong Zhengxiang)

(dong Z横向)

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