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With more and more teams that don't need money, the biggest problem in the Super League is not capital but management. In recent years, the Chinese Super League has introduced a large number of big names in order to achieve short-term benefits, regardless of its future development, but it has repeatedly exposed the problem of insufficient management. There are even obvious loopholes in many contracts, which have been exploited by foreign aid. Now, under the new policy, it is no longer possible for the operation of large investment to introduce superstars, and the trial and error cost of team management has increased, forcing the club to make a sustainable management plan.


Now, under the new policy, it is the people of Dalian who have gradually seen hope. First of all, Wanda Group has not been impetuous after returning to the top league. It deployed its youth training career early, rebuilt its youth training base, and recruited more than a dozen echelons. Sponsored a number of local football characteristic elementary schools in Dalian, and spent a total of more than 5 billion in just two years or so. Such a big deal has already proved that Wang Jianlin is earnestly building a new football team.


The first team, the Dalian people also began to let people see the future. This season, although it continues to be a relegation team, the team has taken a substantial step by launching a major training, fully exploring outstanding young players, promoting young international stars, and the management is completely delegating power. Coach Benitez began to dominate everything about the Dalian people. He had great power in training and at the same time signing and transferring. He wanted to push the Dalian people forward with one hand.


The second stage of the decisive battle is imminent. The Dalian people first confirmed that 5 foreign aids were ready, and the Dalian superstar Long Dong, who was called by the Venezuelan national team to participate in the World Preliminaries, did not leave. He officially confirmed the relegation battle with Shijiazhuang Yongchang. It also gave Dalian people absolute confidence in relegation; then the master Bei’s monopoly of power has been fully verified. Reporter Jia Yanfeng previously revealed that Long Dong did not leave the team in time after receiving the Venezuelan national team’s call, because he was willing to obey Beni in everything. Tes arranged, and Long Dong also said in an interview that he joined Dalian because of a phone call from Benitez, which is enough to prove Benitez's coaching charm.

决战的第二阶段迫在眉睫。大连人首先确认已经准备好5个外援,而委内瑞拉国家队召集参加世界预赛的大连巨星龙东也没有离开。他正式确认了与石家庄永昌的保级战。这也给大连人民降级带来了绝对的信心。那么贝师傅的权力垄断得到了充分验证。记者贾彦峰此前透露,龙东在接到委内瑞拉国家队的电话后没有及时离开球队,因为他愿意在一切事情上都服从贝尼。特斯(Tes)安排了,龙东(Long Dong)在接受采访时还说,由于贝尼特斯打来的电话,他加入了大连,足以证明贝尼特斯的执教魅力。

In the end, it was the departure of another superstar Hamsik from Dalian. Reporter Jia Yanfeng said that it was Benitez's sole decision whether or not Hamsik would return. Judging from the relationship between Benitez and Hamsik, Benitez is afraid to abandon him and turn to right Jailson, because the relationship between Hamsik and Benitez has been out of sync. He was in Naples before. Had unpleasant cooperation. It can be seen that the relationship between Benitez and the two superstars is "two heavens." According to the performance of the past season, this is a kind of resistance, which is not conducive to his good results in leading the team, because Hamsik cannot fully integrate into him. Although his tactical system has improved recently, it is far from expected. Moreover, his departure from the team to Europe also proves that Benitez has to abandon him, create a more loyal new five foreign aid, and fully control the team's next game. . According to this trend, Dalian people are still worth looking forward to, and they are destined to get better every year!

最后,这是另一位超级巨星Hamsik从大连出发。记者贾彦峰说,哈姆西克是否会返回贝尼特斯是唯一的决定。从贝尼特斯和哈姆西克之间的关系来看,贝尼特斯害怕放弃他并转向右监狱,因为哈姆西克和贝尼特斯之间的关系不同步。他以前在那不勒斯。进行了不愉快的合作。可以看出贝尼特斯和两位超级巨星之间的关系是“两个天堂”。从上赛季的表现来看,这是一种抵抗,不利于他带领球队取得好的成绩,因为哈姆西克无法完全融入他的行列。尽管他的战术体系最近有所改善,但远远没有达到预期。而且,他离开球队前往欧洲也证明了贝尼特斯必须放弃他,创建更加忠诚的新五名外援,并完全控制球队的下一场比赛。 。按照这一趋势,大连人仍然值得期待,他们注定要每年变得更好!

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