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The person who ignited this shell is called Wang Xing, the CEO of Meituan, and a well-known elite in the business world.


However, at the moment of posting on social media, his identity is less like a well-known business figure, more like an old fan with "distress".


Among those who commented, some followed the trend and mocked a wave of Chinese football, some questioned his remarks and sensationalized, and some quietly watched the show.


Today, let me respond well to what Wang Xing said.


You said:


Once your remarks were reported by the media, they immediately sparked heated discussion.


So, how should you evaluate what you said?


In your remarks, there is an important word called


According to your understanding, people who do not meet the physical test standards are obviously not worthy of participating in the professional football league. I believe that there are actually many people who support your view.


But in fact, this so-called industry standard has been overturned by the Football Association itself.


Looking back on the professionalization of Chinese football over the years, physical test has always been a vocabulary that cannot be avoided in Chinese football. The goal of the Football Association’s establishment of physical testing was to believe that physical testing can enhance the overall physical fitness of players.


But judging from the results, after the establishment of the physical test, there are many people in difficulties who fail to meet the standard each year. The A-League and later the Chinese Super League, including the national team, did not make rapid progress in physical fitness because of physical testing.

但是从结果来看,物理测试建立后,每年仍有许多不符合标准的困难人群。 A联赛以及后来的中国超级联赛(包括国家队)由于身体检查未能在身体健康方面取得快速进步。

Moreover, because the physical test site is set at the Haigeng base, the running level of many players will be affected by the high altitude of more than 1,800 meters.


On the contrary, after the cancellation of the physical test in 11 years, many fans found that the national team began to have a certain advantage in physical fitness, and even when they competed with the famous Korean team for physical fitness, they could not lose the wind (Changsha in 2017) The Sino-Korea war is the best example).


In the AFC Champions League, when the Super League team played against the Japanese and South Korean teams, their physical fitness was no longer the shortcoming that once plagued them. The problems were more in technical tactics and mentality.


At the same time, the physical fitness test was subsequently accused of becoming one of the methods used by the Football Association to make money illegally.


If you think that industry standards such as physical testing are the last word, then such a last word has been overturned by the Football Association itself, and the backward perception cannot be regarded as an absolutely convincing basis.


Of course, some people will say that the Football Association has restarted the physical test this year?


The Football Association has indeed announced a policy on physical testing this year. On March 6, the Chinese Football Association officially issued a notice on the "Chinese Football Association's Notice on Launching "Spring Training", requiring national teams and professional clubs at all levels to launch the "Spring "Great military training" activities.

足协确实已经宣布了今年的体检政策。 3月6日,中国足协正式发布了《中国足协关于开展“春季训练”的通知》,要求各级国家队和职业俱乐部开展“春季“伟大的军事训练”活动。

However, this physical test of the Football Association only randomly checks the physical test results of each team, and does not use the physical test results to check the qualifications of the players. In other words, the meaning of physical test on football should always be a reference index, rather than approximate to industry standards. The Football Association's actions this year are more in line with objective football laws.


In your remarks, "Professional players can't beat Tsinghua ordinary boys!" has become the most eye-catching output point. In your opinion, every player should have an advantage in endurance running. Is this really the case?


In the physical test of the Football Association that year, the 12-minute running standard was 3,200 meters. This is a more endurance test.


If you have played football yourself, you will know very well that endurance is only one of the factors that affect the performance of football players, not a completely absolute requirement.


Because in football, a large area of ​​ground and space is determined, and frequent sprint runs and return runs are the abilities that really need to be used frequently.


Diligent runners such as Harvey, Cork, and Beckham, who run more than 10,000 meters per game, are not a few in the world of football.


But in many cases, running ability is independent of endurance indicators. High-intensity running and sprinting are equally important. This is why more league broadcasts now have information points such as sprint speed rankings, high-intensity running time rankings, and hotspot coverage areas. appear.


Former Manchester United star Berbatov once contributed to the amazing data of more than 2,800 meters running distance in the national team match, but would you question the football talent of "Brother Chic"? It is precisely because of football, which is a sport that contains a combination of skills, speed, endurance, wisdom and other factors, that makes football extremely enjoyable.


Otherwise, if you just rely on "running" to be able to ride on the football field, then football is no longer the football we know, it has become a sport of "chasing the ball".


On the field, when people with professional experience join in, anyone with a discerning eye can feel the powerlessness of a dimensionality reduction blow. Because your transmission, stop, band and various consciousnesses and others are not on the same channel.


Professional experience players still do. A serious professional player plays with you. Does he really need to rely on speed and endurance to beat you? The answer is obvious.


Therefore, your "professional players can't surpass Tsinghua ordinary boys!" is more like a saying that only increases laughter.


Huang Jianxiang summed it up very well: "


In 2020, there is a foreigner who often appears in major forums. His emoticons and speeches are often active in popular comments.


He is Vlav, a Russian. In China, he has become a phenomenal "net celebrity".


"Hyperthyroidism"-like eyes, exaggerated tone, and brainless "licking" bragging made Vlaf quickly burst into red. "Women China is really amazing." "Foreign countries can't, but China's!"

像“甲状腺功能亢进症”一样的眼睛,夸张的语气和无脑的“舔”吹牛使弗拉夫迅速变成红色。 “中国女性真的很棒。” “外国不能,但中国可以!”

These exaggerated remarks of Vollav quickly became the new material for the big slogans. Many netizens jokingly call this behavior of Volaf the "code of wealth."


That is to say, as a foreigner, China can always be recognized by the Chinese people, so that the Chinese will have a sense of "satisfaction" and quickly increase their reputation.


Moreover, "X Love" has become synonymous with the Chinese group in a slightly derogatory sense among many people. For example, Zheng Naixin (Nene), a Thai player of Creation Camp 2020, was given the nickname "ne raf" because he said that I love China several times in his speech.

而且,在许多人中,“ X爱情”在某种程度上是贬义的意义上已经成为中国人的代名词。例如,2020年创造营地的泰国选手郑乃欣(Nene)被昵称为“ ne raf”,因为他在讲话中多次说我爱中国。

However, did Vollav really master this "code of wealth" from the beginning?


In fact, when we look at Vlaf’s early videos, he does not have the exaggerated eyes that are now "hyperthyroidism", nor the ancestral BGM. He is just a very low-key wine tasting guy who publishes some of his own wine tasting videos on the website.


But for a long time, serious wine tasting videos have not been followed. On the contrary, it is a video that praises China's good security. Over time, Vlaf ceased to be a serious wine tasting youth, and became Vlaf, a practitioner of the "code of wealth".


The more exaggerated the style, the more fans will buy it. No one cares about starting a business, and the truth is to pretend to be crazy and behave stupid. In many cases, we are not even able to say clearly whether this phenomenon is Vlav’s problem or a social problem.


On Weibo, on Douyin, and on the major social media platforms you can see, Chinese football rarely appears in a positive image.


During the World Cup, some so-called marketing accounts. Holding a dynamic picture that is not a national football player, ridiculing the national football team.


Many comments about Chinese players and Chinese football have always been praised, regardless of whether such comments are reasonable or not. Anyway, spray is over.


Even when the news of Wu Lei's diagnosis came, some fan groups were still clamoring "Why care about a Spaniard so much".


As fans, especially Chinese fans. Naturally, we know better than anyone that the national football and even Chinese football still have many shortcomings. These shortcomings and gaps are objective facts. We accept and hope that Chinese football can become better.


If Chinese football wants to get better, it has never happened overnight. It requires the efforts of one generation or even several generations from top to bottom.


There are many things we can do. Supporting the youth training career, paying more attention to Chinese football, buying one or two peripheral products, and even playing football on our own are all to personally help Chinese football become better.


But abuse and ridicule are never the solution to the problem.


What's more, many people who abuse and mock Chinese football,


Huang Jianxiang said: "Now, stepping on Chinese football seems to be a very safe and cheap gimmick."


Fan Zhiyi also said: "The brainless black national football team will be there for three days. First of all, it affects the football environment. Football is so bad, what do you think of him? You look at another one! Football makes you upset. Why are you still looking at it!"


If you really think that Chinese football is not good, then you can actively help it and change it in different ways. Rather than blindly abuse, because abuse has never solved the various problems of Chinese football.


Jack Ma has talked about Chinese football many times, and not everyone agrees with his remarks and opinions.


But at least, he took out real money and real money to invest in Chinese women's football and investment in Chinese football-related undertakings. He is using his actions to contribute to Chinese football.


If the Chinese nation has had people working hard since ancient times, there have been people working hard..., then this is also the person most lacking in Chinese football.


People who scold Chinese football have never lacked you. Have you ever thought about how much you have done for Chinese football before scolding? No matter how many people mock and abuse Chinese football, Chinese football should not become a new wealth code. At least for Chinese fans, they will never agree to this!


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