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On the evening of the 13th Beijing time, the Portuguese Football Association issued a statement confirming that Juventus star Ronaldo was infected with the new crown virus. This also made him miss the national team and the Swedish team Europa League match. This news has become the most interesting topic in the world sports arena.


It is understood that Ronaldo will continue to remain in isolation in the hotel where the national team is located until the next nucleic acid test (planned to be carried out on the weekend) turns negative. Once the result was negative, he was able to return to Turin immediately. According to Portugal's epidemic prevention requirements, the isolation period is 14 days, which is longer than the 10-day isolation period required by Italy. But there is a law that allows the Portuguese government not to restrict people like Ronaldo from leaving the country. However, at least for the next few days, Ronaldo will not leave the hotel room.


Due to the requirements of the epidemic prevention policy, Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the Serie A game between Juventus and Crotone on the 18th and the European group match away on the 21st against Dynamo Kyiv.

由于防疫政策的要求,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)将在18日错过尤文图斯和克罗托内之间的意甲比赛,而欧洲集团将在21日与基辅迪纳摩比赛。

15 days later, Juventus played against Messi-led Barcelona in the Champions League group stage. Whether the "Mero Club" will be staged as scheduled is still unknown.

15天后,尤文图斯在冠军联赛小组赛中与以梅西为首的巴塞罗那对阵。 “ Mero Club”是否会如期举行尚不清楚。

Ronaldo is the third player in the Portuguese national team to be tested positive for the new crown. Last week, defender Fonte and goalkeeper Anthony Lopez have been diagnosed positive.


Portugal coach Fernando Santos revealed that Ronaldo was tested positive on Monday night. "That night, Ronaldo and the other team members returned to the room for self-isolation after testing. At night, we heard of the positive result. The next morning, Ronaldo was tested again for confirmation. He stayed there. Everything is fine in the room."

葡萄牙教练费尔南多·桑托斯(Fernando Santos)透露罗纳尔多在周一晚上被测试为阳性。 “那天晚上,罗纳尔多和其他队员经过测试后回到了房间进行自我隔离。晚上,我们听到了阳性结果。第二天早晨,罗纳尔多再次接受了测试以进行确认。他呆在那里。房间。”

Santos seemed very upset about Ronaldo’s infection. “With regard to the prevention and control of the new crown virus, we have done everything we can do in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. Since Monday, we have been completely isolated at the base. Except for the national team staff and No one except the players is allowed to enter here."

桑托斯对罗纳尔多的感染感到非常沮丧。 “关于新冠状病毒的预防和控制,我们已按照防疫规定尽了一切努力。从星期一开始,我们在基地已经完全孤立。除国家队人员外,除运动员外,任何人均不得进入这里。”


Video screenshot


He said that the national team is definitely not the source of the player's infection. "On the last national team match day, we did not have any problems. The national team was definitely not the source of infection. The team paid great attention to epidemic prevention. We conducted 7 nucleic acid tests, once a day. We have done everything we can Everything we did, but things still happened, which is why we feel a little bit disappointed. Unfortunately, no one knows why. Whether it's by bus or by plane...We have fully complied with the epidemic prevention requirements of the health department. "

他说,国家队绝对不是球员感染的源头。 “在国家队比赛的最后一天,我们没有任何问题。国家队绝对不是传染源。该队非常重视防疫工作。我们每天进行7次核酸检测。我们做了我们所能做的一切我们所做的一切,但事情仍然发生,这就是为什么我们感到有些失望。不幸的是,没人知道为什么。无论是乘公共汽车还是乘飞机...我们都完全遵守了防疫要求。卫生部门。”

So, where exactly was Ronaldo infected with the virus? This has become the most concerned issue. At present, the outside world generally believes that he is likely to have been infected in the Juventus team.


On October 5, the Juventus Club announced that two employees were diagnosed with the new crown virus. According to the requirements of the local health department in Turin, Juventus players should be quarantined in the hotel for at least the 7th. But Ronaldo received a nucleic acid test, and after the result was negative, he left to report to the national team and did not participate in the second nucleic acid test.


Obviously, according to the 14-day incubation period of the new coronavirus, Ronaldo did not test positive at the time, which does not mean that he was not infected. And his behavior of leaving the quarantine hotel without authorization may also result in a fine from the local health department.


If Cristiano Ronaldo has become a carrier of the virus since then, the result is likely to be disastrous-

如果克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)从那以后成为该病毒的携带者,那么结果可能是灾难性的-

After arriving at the national team, Cristiano Ronaldo played a friendly match with the Spanish team on 8th, playing 73 minutes. After the game, Ronaldo took a photo with Pepe and Ramos. On the 12th, the Portuguese team played with the French team in the UEFA Europa League. Ronaldo played the entire game in the first round. After the game, Mbappé and many other French players took photos with Ronaldo.

到达国家队后,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在8日与西班牙队进行了一场友谊赛,比赛进行了73分钟。比赛结束后,罗纳尔多与佩佩和拉莫斯合影。 12日,葡萄牙队与法国队一起参加了UEFA欧罗巴联赛。罗纳尔多在第一轮打满了整个比赛。比赛结束后,姆巴佩和其他许多法国球员与罗纳尔多合影。

Even worse, Ronaldo also gave his jersey to the French team's teenager Kamavenga in this game. After the game, Kamavin added this "original" jersey on social platforms.


On the night of the 13th, Ronaldo’s social platform also showed photos of the Portuguese team members having dinner together.


It can be said that as the people who have been in close contact with Ronaldo during this time, the Spanish, French and Portuguese players worth tens of millions of euros are all in a huge uncertainty.


The Australian version of "Yahoo Sports" believes that Ronaldo, one of the most influential athletes in the world, is diagnosed with the new crown, which is a wake-up call for the epidemic to sound the global sports semi-finals.


[reporter] Zhu Xiaolong

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