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Valencia will sit at home at 10 o'clock tonight Beijing time to meet Huesca's challenge. Valencia coach Xavi Gracia attended the pre-match press conference.

瓦伦西亚将于北京时间今晚10点坐在家里,迎接韦斯卡的挑战。巴伦西亚教练哈维·格拉西亚(Xavi Gracia)参加了赛前新闻发布会。

Gracia talked about the signing of the team. He pointed out that he was really dissatisfied to see that the team had no one coming.


"At least he hasn't left yet, but it's hard to say what will happen in the next few days. I am not responsible for transfer operations, nor for informing a player to leave the team. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I only pay attention to what I have on hand. Work. Domenech performed well, but I don't have a clear candidate for the No. 1 goalkeeper in my mind. Let us see what happens later."


"I am really dissatisfied to see that the team has only people leaving and no one coming. I hope to see a few signings in the next time, but until today there is still no credibility. I put my focus on my own. At work, on the day the transfer window closes, let’s take a look at who has come to the team. For me, it’s an honor to be able to coach a club of Valencia’s level, and it’s also an improvement. The club has The honor is more than all the teams I have trained before combined. Even if I don’t talk about the past, just talk about the present. I also have a group of international players. The players who stay in the team have the strength to follow me to achieve better results. ."


"I don't know, I have already told the club clearly, but I have always been in a very marginal position in terms of the right to speak in transfers. A list of signings was provided to me, but I cannot give that list. Let me show you the details. The signings are necessary, and the club understands that they are actively operating, but they are not gaining any gains. The transfer negotiation process is quite slow. I hope to speed up somewhat. We have played three games. I need to have more choices when making substitutions."


"Gamero has already participated in training normally. From the next game on, he will be an important member of the team. Gamero has abilities that other forwards in the team do not have. He will be able to help me throughout the season. I firmly believe in showing my abilities."


"I was the first to get in touch with Capue. Capue was willing to continue to play for me, but I'm not sure if he will come. After I convinced Capue and the club, I withdrew from the negotiation. Specific contract issues It’s not my responsibility. Capue has confirmed that he wants to leave, but the place where he can go is not only a club in Valencia, but I believe I can meet Capue again in the future."


"I haven't seen Soler several times since joining the team. I hope to see him soon."


"The emotions of the team members are very stable. They have performed well in training and games. But there is no doubt that when new aid comes, everyone will be happier and more motivated to participate in the game. Strong new aid can help everyone people."


"These young people are contributing their own strength, and the performances that have been given the opportunity to play are generally good. The team has no money now, and I must rely on these young players."


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