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亚博体彩网:北京中赫国安举办青训开放日 小球员与家长感受职业化青训

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On October 11, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club held the 2020 Youth Training Open Day at the Dongcheng Youth Training Base and Dongcheng No. 115 Middle School. Thirty 09-year-old players and their parents visited the training base, experienced the learning environment of 115 Middle School, and had face-to-face meetings with the leaders of the club, Dongcheng District Sports Bureau, 115 Middle School, and Dongcheng Amateur Sports School In communication, Roy and Luke, the two foreign teachers of the club, also introduced the daily training professionalism of Guoan Youth Training and related training arrangements to the parents.

10月11日,北京中和国安足球俱乐部在东城青年培训基地和东城115中学举行了2020年青年培训开放日。 30名09岁的运动员及其父母参观了训练基地,体验了115中学的学习环境,并与俱乐部,东城区体育局,115中学和东城的负责人进行了面对面的会面。业余体育学校在交流中,俱乐部的两名外籍老师罗伊和卢克也向国父介绍了国安青年培训的日常培训专业知识和相关的培训安排。

The Youth Training Open Day is a regular event held by the youth training department of the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club every year. It aims to introduce the club’s youth training concept, software and hardware facilities to the outside world, so that more children and parents can better shape the Guoan youth training. Comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding. "We also hope that through this event, we will attract more talented children to join our National Security Youth Training." said Zhang Zhijun, the club's deputy general manager in charge of youth training.

青年培训开放日是北京中和国安俱乐部的青年培训部门每年定期举办的活动。它的目的是向外界介绍该俱乐部的青年培训理念,软硬件设施,以便更多的孩子和父母可以更好地塑造国安青年培训。全面而立体的理解。 “我们也希望通过这次活动,我们将吸引更多有才华的孩子参加我们的国家安全青年培训。”俱乐部负责青年培训的副总经理张志军说。

In the open day presentation session, Zhang Zhijun introduced the three goals of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Youth Training to the players' parents. "First, to send more talents to the first team; second, to promote football culture; third, to assume social responsibilities. All the work of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Youth Training is carried out around these three goals."

在开放日介绍会上,张志军向选手的父母介绍了北京中和国安青年训练队的三个目标。 “首先,向一线球队派遣更多人才;其次,弘扬足球文化;其次,承担社会责任。北京中和国安青年培训队的所有工作都是围绕这三个目标开展的。”

To achieve these three goals, neither professional training nor good education is possible. Only when the small players develop in an all-round way, have good cultural literacy and the ability to continue learning, can they better improve their special football skills, thereby increasing the possibility of entering the first team. The promotion of football culture also requires a good level of education in order to better spread their deep understanding of football. The club’s social responsibility at the youth training level is to ensure the future of young players, so that children who cannot become professional players can also gain a foothold in society, which is even more inseparable from the escort of cultural education.


For this reason, Chi Jindong, deputy director of the Dongcheng District Sports Bureau, and Tan Ning, the principal of 115 Middle School, made their speeches around the importance of education. "In the past, coaches and team members thought it was useless to study, and the children walked a very narrow path. So I think the children who can join the Guoan Youth Training are happy. The club, Dongcheng District Sports Bureau, and 115 Middle School work together for The children have created a better path for the integration of sports and education. Therefore, parents must also pay attention to their children’s education.” Chi Jindong said that with the advancement of the integration of sports and education in recent years, no matter what the emphasis on education is now The degree and the quality of education have been greatly improved.

因此,东城区体育局副局长池金东和115中学的校长谭宁就教育的重要性发表了演讲。 “过去,教练和团队成员认为学习无用,孩子们走的路很狭窄。因此,我认为能够参加国安青年培训的孩子们很高兴。俱乐部,东城区体育局和115中亚搏体育平台官方学携手为孩子们开辟了一条更好的体育与教育融合的道路,因此,父母也必须注意孩子的教育。”迟进东说,随着近年来体育教育一体化的发展,无论现在重视什么教育,教育的程度和质量都有了很大的提高。

Tan Ning, the principal of 115 Middle School, won the honorary title of "National Famous Principal" in 2011. In 2015, he was transferred to 115 Middle School as the principal to promote the integration of sports and education. Since working in ordinary schools for 30 years, Tannin attaches great importance to cultural education. "Whether it is a child or a parent, we must realize that what society needs in the future is a comprehensive talent. Regardless of whether the child can eventually become a professional player, sports should never be the child's only talent, but one of the children's multiple abilities. Physical education is part of education, and the sustainable development of competitive sports is inseparable from education." Tan Ning said that a major foundation for the cooperation between 115 Middle School and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Youth Training is that the two sides can reach a consensus on educational concepts. "I hope to cooperate with the China National Security Club to go further on the road of combining sports and education."

115中学的校长谭宁于2011年获得“全国著名校长”的荣誉称号。2015年,他被调任至115中学担任校长,以促进体育与教育的融合。自从在普通学校工作了30年以来,单宁十分重视文化教育。 “无论是孩子还是父母,我们都必须认识到,社会未来需要的是综合才能。无论孩子最终能否成为职业选手,体育永远都不应该是孩子唯一的才能,而是其中一项。儿童的多重能力。体育是教育的一部分,竞技体育的可持续发展离不开教育。”谭宁说,“ 115中学”与“北京中和国安青年培训”合作的主要基础是双方可以就教育理念达成共识。我希望与中国国家安全俱乐部合作,在体育与教育相结合的道路上走得更远。”

Education is not only an issue that clubs and schools attach importance to, it is also the focus of parents' most attention. Parent Mao Yunpeng said that the most attractive aspect of Guoan Youth Training is the emphasis on cultural education. "This time I came to intuitively feel that the sports hardware and lawn are very good, and the school's teachers and supporting facilities are also good. The echelon's foreign teachers are from The Hague and Ajax in the Netherlands. I think Guoan, as a rich club, will definitely treat children in special projects. There will be great development help." Like most parents, Mao Yunpeng is very satisfied with the club’s youth training base hardware facilities and coaching team configuration, but what attracts him most in Guoan Youth Training is the organic combination of learning and playing. "There are many physical changes between 12-year-olds and 16-year-olds. Our parents are concerned about how to better combine football and learning, hoping to provide better education support for children. Because it may not be seen until the age of 16 Can’t take the career path. If they fail to keep up with their previous studies, children will be delayed if they can’t take the career path after they reach the age of 16. The education of the Guoan team is different from other youth training institutions, and we hope that parents, schools and clubs will be closer together Communication can give children better learning conditions."

教育不仅是俱乐部和学校重视的问题,也是父母最关注的焦点。家长毛云鹏说,国安青年培训最吸引人的方面是对文化教育的重视。 “这次我直觉上感觉运动硬件和草坪都很好,学校的老师和支持设施也很好。梯队的外籍老师来自荷兰的海牙和阿贾克斯。我认为国安是一个富有的人。俱乐部,肯定会在特殊项目中对待孩子们。这将对发展起到很大的帮助。”像大多数父母一样,毛云鹏对俱乐部的青年训练基地的硬件设施和教练团队的配置感到非常满意,但是在国安青年训练中最吸引他的是学习与比赛的有机结合。 “ 12岁和16岁之间有许多身体上的变化。我们的父母关注如何更好地结合足球和学习,希望为孩子提供更好的教育支持。因为直到年龄才​​可能看到的16岁的孩子不能走职业道路如果他们不能跟上以前的学业,到16岁以后如果他们不能走职业道路,孩子就会被拖延。国安队的教育不同来自其他青年培训机构的支持,我们希望家长,学校和俱乐部之间的联系更加紧密。沟通可以为孩子们提供更好的学习条件。”

The young players who participated in the youth training open day will formally form the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan U13 echelon next year. Starting next year, they will also start a three-year training and study life at the Guoan Dongcheng Youth Training Base and 115 Middle School. In the future, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan U13-U15 echelon will all be concentrated in the Dongcheng base. "We and the Dongcheng Sports Bureau have been cooperating since 2018. In recent years, we have gradually improved the hardware and software facilities of the Dongcheng Base. Our venues have reached the FIFA professional standard. 115 Middle School and Dongcheng Education Commission have integrated educational resources and have better Learning conditions can give players a better education. At the same time, the school and base are in the city center, which also creates conditions for some children to go for training." Zhang Zhijun said. Except for the U13-U15 echelon, other older echelons will continue to conduct daily training and learning at the Shunyi base.

参加青年训练开放日的青年选手将于明年正式组建北京中和国安U13梯队。从明年开始,他们还将在国安东城青年培训基地和115中学开始为期三年的培训和学习生活。将来,北京中和国安U13-U15梯队将全部集中在东城基地。 “我们与东城体育局从2018年开始合作。近年来,我们逐步改善了东城基地的硬件和软件设施。我们的场馆达到了FIFA专业标准。115中学和东城教委已经整合了教育资源和更好的学习条件可以使球员接受更好的教育,同时学校和基地都在市中心,这也为一些孩子接受训练创造了条件。”张志军说。除U13-U15梯队外,其他较老的梯队将继续在顺义基地进行日常培训和学习。

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