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Among the U23 players in the Super League this year, Bao Yaxiong's name is particularly shining. From obscurity to a blockbuster, the goalkeeper of Hebei Huaxia Fortune, who had no national resume before, became popular faster than most people expected, even himself. 10 appearances, 4 degrees of zero seals, the second year of playing in the Super League, the main force was firmly seated, and also entered the championship group with the team... Xiao Bao's strength and hard work, everyone sees.

在今年中超联赛的U23球员中,鲍亚雄的名字尤为突出。从默默无闻到轰动一时,河北华夏财富的守门员比以往任何时候都没有国家的名气。 10次​​出场,零度4次封印,在超级联赛打球的第二年,主力稳固,并与球队一起进入了冠军组……小宝的实力和辛勤工作,每个人都看到了。

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On September 5, Hebei Huaxia happiness 2:0 Shanghai went to Hong Kong, Bao Yaxiong a "fire" up.

on September 5, Hebe IH UA下happiness 2:0 Shanghai问题to Hong Kong, B奥y A兄啊 "fire" up.

"I still remember my debut in the Chinese Super League last year. I was not a little nervous about Shandong Luneng, but very nervous." After defeating SIPG, in the face of praise, Xiao Bao first recalled a year ago. It was the "Youth Day" in 2019. Geng Xiaofeng suspended and Yang Cheng recovered from his injuries, giving Bao Yaxiong the opportunity to board the Super League. In that game, Hebei Huaxia Fortune lost 0-2. It didn't look bad, but Bao Yaxiong's memories were very uncomfortable. "Others’ debuts may be worth celebrating, but for me, losing two goals and losing the game is like a disaster."

“我还记得去年我在中国超级联赛中的处子秀。我对山东鲁能并不有点紧张,但非常紧张。”击败SIPG之后,面对赞誉,小宝第一次回想起一年前的事。那是2019年的“青年节”。耿小凤被停职,杨成因伤康复,这给包亚雄提供了登上超级联赛的机会。在那场比赛中,河北华夏财富以0-2告负。看上去还不错,但鲍亚雄的记忆却很不舒服。 “其他人的首次亮相也许值得庆祝,但对我而言,输掉两个进球和输掉比赛就像一场灾难。”

Bao Yaxiong, who just turned 23 in May of this year, came from the Hangzhou Greentown Youth Training. He was used to fierce competition since he was a child. He was still a little caught off guard for the unexpected starting qualification for the Super League. In the Super League last year, the young man played 4 times and actually played two full games. "At the critical moment, you still have to rely on strength. When the opportunity comes, you must have enough strength to grasp it."

今年5月刚满23岁的鲍亚雄来自杭州绿城青年培训中心。他从小就习惯于激烈的比赛。他对超级联赛的意外入选资格仍然有些措手不及。在去年的超级联赛中,这位年轻人出战4次,实际上打了两场比赛。 “在关键时刻,您仍然必须依靠力量。机会来临时,您必须有足够的力量来抓住它。”

Before completing his debut in the Super League last year, Tony, the goalkeeper coach of the Hebei China Fortune team, approached Bao Yaxiong to talk and gave him a shot. "He said that at this point in time, letting you play in the Super League for the first time may not be the most correct choice, and it may bring you some harm... Another half or a year of practice is the best opportunity." Soon, Tony left the club, but Bao Yaxiong always kept this sentence in mind.

去年在中超联赛中首次亮相之前,河北中国财富队的守门员教练托尼(Tony)与鲍亚雄交谈,并给了他一枪。 “他说,在这个时候,让您第一次参加中超联赛可能不是最正确的选择,并且可能会给您带来一些伤害。练习半年或半年是最好的机会。”很快,托尼离开了俱乐部,但鲍亚雄始终牢记这句话。

Sure enough, in 2020, Bao Yaxiong has an opportunity that truly belongs to him. "I played Beijing Zhonghe Guoan as soon as I came up, and the pressure was still not small, especially when I lost a goal in the first 4 minutes..." The young man said that withstanding the "strikes" of the past years, he can face difficulties and setbacks. As the season progressed, Bao Yaxiong's performance got better and better, winning streaks in Tianjin Teda, Wuhan Zall and Qingdao Huanghai, he all shined in the audience.

果然,2020年,鲍亚雄将有一个真正属于他的机会。 “我刚上场就打了北京中和国安队,压力仍然不小,尤其是当我在前4分钟丢进一球时……”这位年轻人说,可以承受过去几年的“打击” ,他可能会遇到困难和挫折。随着赛季的进行,包亚雄的表现越来越好,在天津泰达,武汉扎尔和青岛黄海取得了连胜,他都在观众中大放异彩。

"The most obvious thing is the improvement of self-confidence!" Especially after closing Tianjin TEDA, Bao Yaxiong is no longer bound by his "U23 identity". "At the time, I felt that I was indeed qualified for this role. I was the starting goalkeeper of Hebei China Fortune because of my strength, not the U23 policy."

“最明显的是提高自信心!”特别是在关闭天津泰达之后,鲍亚雄不再受其“ U23身份”的束缚。 “当时,我感到自己确实有资格担任这一职务。由于我的实力,而不是U23政策,我是河北中国财富的首发门将。”

In the 10 Super League matches that Bao Yaxiong participated in, the Hebei China Fortune Team scored 19 points. After the first stage, Xiao Bao also transformed from an unknown football teenager to a rising star. "Many times, competition and training are completely different. There will always be some discounts in the performance of the game. If you can play 80%-90%, it is considered super level." In normal training, Bao Yaxiong's performance has been good; but he is about to compete. At times, he always appears to be in trouble. "Brother Dong (Zhang Chengdong), Brother Hang (Ren Hang) and Brother Bo (Yin Hongbo) always encourage me. They said that I have absolutely no problem. I can definitely play at the usual level in the game. Just stay confident."

在包亚雄参加的10场中超联赛中,河北中国财富队得到19分。在第一阶段之后,小宝也从一个陌生的足球少年转变为一颗冉冉升起的新星。 “很多时候,比赛和训练是完全不同的。游戏的性能总是会有一些折扣。如果您可以玩80%-90%,那就算是超级水平了。”在正常训练中,鲍亚雄的表现一直很好。但他即将参加比赛。有时,他总是遇到麻烦。 “董兄弟(张承东),杭兄弟(任杭)和薄哥(尹洪波)总是鼓励我。他们说我绝对没问题。我绝对可以在比赛中打平常亚博体彩网规。保持自信。 ”

The young and cheerful Bao Yaxiong is very popular, and he often asks to compete with foreign players such as Malkang, Goulart and Touré. "I prefer to train with foreign players. Their shooting, from the speed of the ball, the angle, and the way of attacking the goal, have benefited me a lot." Not long ago, in training, Malkon jumped high and picked Bao Yaxiong. The ball was forced into the goal, "This guy is really good, and his shot is what scares me the most."

年轻开朗的鲍亚雄非常受欢迎,他经常要求与外国玩家竞争,例如马冈,古拉特和图雷。 “我更喜欢和外国球员一起训练。他们的投篮能力,从球的速度,角度和进攻目标的方式,都使我受益匪浅。”不久前,在训练中,马尔科恩(Malkon)跳高并选择了鲍亚雄。球被逼入球门,“这个家伙真的很好,他的投篮是最让我恐惧的地方。”

Bao Yaxiong said that he has never regarded himself as a U23 player, "and in my opinion, 23 years old is not young. Guo Quanbo (Beijing Guoan) played the main force in the Super League two years ago, and this year's Han Jiaqi (Guangzhou R & F) , They can do it, so can I!"


Bao Yaxiong's growth is inseparable from the trust of Hebei Huaxia Fortune team coach Xie Feng and the appreciation of goalkeeper coach Liu Wenbin, especially the former, who explicitly requested Xiao Bao to attack the national team. In the past, Bao Yaxiong had only thoughts about the title of international football and did not dare to touch it; but now, the main goalkeeper of Hebei China Fortune has regarded this as a benchmark. "I hope to enter the national team, and even help the team rush into the World Cup! I understand that Xie Gui's hard work will continue to work in this direction."

包亚雄的成长离不开河北华夏财富队教练谢峰的信任,以及守门员教练刘文彬(尤其是前任教练)的赞赏,后者明确要求小宝进攻国家队。过去,包亚雄只想过国际足球的头衔,不敢碰它。但是现在,《河北华夏财富》的主要门将已经以此为基准。 “我希望进入国家队,甚至帮助国家队冲进世界杯!我知道谢桂的辛勤工作将继续朝这个方向努力。”

In the winter training in Hainan at the beginning of the year, Xie Feng was very fond of Bao Yaxiong. He usually played teaching games and Xiao Bao often started the game. In the fourth round of the Super League this season against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, Xie Feng officially pushed Bao Yaxiong to the fore. The young man also repaid the trust of the coach with his stable performance. "Knowing that I will start, an inexplicable sense of responsibility suddenly emerged. After the game, I read the comments made by Director Xie at the press conference. When he talked about me, he used the term'normal performance'. I understood in my heart, His expectations and requirements of me are higher, stronger and better."

在年初的海南冬季训练中,谢峰非常喜欢鲍亚雄。他通常玩教学游戏,小宝经常开始玩游戏。在本赛季对阵北京中和国安的中超联赛第四轮比赛中,谢锋正式将包亚雄推上了台球。这位年轻人还以稳定的表现回报了教练的信任。 “知道我将要开始的时候,一种莫名的责任感突然出现了。比赛结束后,我阅读了谢导演在新闻发布会上的评论。当他谈论我时,他使用了'正常表现'一词。我的心,他对我的期望和要求越来越高,越来越强。”

In 2019, Bao Yaxiong spent more time improving his skills in reserve matches; now he gets more overtime, giving him a new understanding of the content of the game. "In the Super League, we must dare to make predictions and dare to complete saves. Usual practice is only accumulation of actual combat. Only high-level matches with real swords and guns can help a professional player to quickly improve."

2019年,包亚雄花了更多时间提高预备队比赛的技能;现在他获得了更多的加班时间,使他对比赛的内容有了新的认识。 “在超级联赛中,我们必须敢于做出预测并敢于完成节省。惯常做法只是实际战斗的积累。只有用真剑和枪支进行的高水平比赛才能帮助职业球员快速提高自己的水平。”

Bao Yaxiong still remembers that when he was following the winter training of the Hebei China Fortune First Team two years ago, he could only watch other people's matches because he could not keep up with the pace of actual combat. "A lot of things need to be done bit by bit, and strength is also accumulated by time and hard work."

包亚雄仍然记得,两年前接受河北中国财富一队的冬季训练时,由于无法跟上实战的步伐,所以只能看别人的比赛。 “很多事情需要一点一点地完成,而力量也是通过时间和努力来积累的。”

Bao Yaxiong’s diligence and self-motivated, coach Xie Feng can see, he often finds a guy to chat, encourage him to "let go, be more confident", Bao Yaxiong is also very grateful to the coach and the club's kindness. "Speaking of goals, I just want to help Hebei Huaxia Fortune team win a few more games, and put the ranking a little bit higher. Now that I have not yet reached the stage where I can shout the championship slogan, I want to step by step and follow steadily. The team improves and advances."

鲍亚雄的勤奋和上进心,教练谢峰可以看到,他经常找人聊天,鼓励他“放手,要更有信心”,鲍亚雄也非常感谢教练和俱乐部的友善。 “说到目标,我只是想帮助河北华夏财富队再赢几场,把排名提高一点。现在我还没有达到可以喊出冠军口号的阶​​段,我想迈出一步步步为营,稳步前进。团队不断进步。”

Bao Yaxiong's ability to serve Hebei Huaxia Happiness is a kind of fate in itself. He was originally in the Hangzhou Greentown echelon, and was later loaned to Tianjin TEDA. In 2017, he played for the complete games. A very chance opportunity brought him to the Hebei China Fortune Team for a trial. The result has been played until now. "I only practiced here for one class at the time, and felt that the environment here was very good and the level of training was very high. I believe this club will play an important role in improving my career, and I want to try to stay! , My feelings and choices are right."

包亚雄为河北华夏幸福服务的能力本身就是一种命运。他最初是在杭州绿城的梯队,后来被借给天津泰达。 2017年,他参加了完整的比赛。一个非常有机会的机会将他带到了河北中国财富团队进行审判。结果一直播放到现在。 “我当时只在这里上过一堂课,觉得这里的环境很好,培训水平也很高。我相信这个俱乐部将在改善我的职业生涯中发挥重要作用,我想尝试留下来!,我的感觉和选择都是正确的。”

If you understand Bao Yaxiong's growth process, you will definitely feel gratified for him to stand out. In the Hangzhou Junior Team, Bao Yaxiong's role was not a goalkeeper, but a central defender. Switching to the goalkeeper allowed him to enter the Greentown echelon, but because of the fierce competition, the guy couldn't get too many opportunities. "When I first went there, I didn't know how to play the ball, but someone had already learned to barb." Later, the Tianjin TEDA National Sea Election 1997 and 1998 age group seedlings, a greentown echelon and football school test match, let Bao Yaxiong get The opportunity to jump out of the cage. The young man said that he had an ideological struggle at the time, but he knew that only by going to Tianjin can he get more opportunities for competition.

如果您了解包亚雄的成长过程,您一定会为他脱颖而出感到满意。在杭州青年队中,包亚雄的角色不是守门员,而是中央后卫。切换到守门员后,他进入了绿城梯队,但是由于竞争激烈,这家伙没有太多机会。 “当我第一次去那里的时候,我不知道如何打球,但是有人已经学会了倒刺。”后来,天津泰达全国海选1997和1998年年龄组的苗木,绿城梯队和足球学校的测试比赛,让鲍亚雄有机会跳出笼子。这位年轻人说他当时在思想上挣扎,但是他知道只有去天津他才能获得更多的竞争机会。

Compared with many of his peers, Bao Yaxiong's starting point is not high, which makes him cherish the results achieved today. "Before I have only been to one or two national junior selection teams. Many of my experiences lag behind players of the same age." When "happiness" fell from the sky, Bao Yaxiong suddenly felt that his career had changed. A lot of new things have arrived!"

与许多同龄人相比,鲍亚雄的起点并不高,这使他珍惜今天取得的成绩。 “在我只参加过一两个国家青年选拔队之前。我的许多经验都落后于同龄球员。”当“幸福”从天而降时,包亚雄突然感到自己的职业已经改变。许多新事物已经到来!”

From Spaniard Javier, to Tony in Coleman's time, and now under Liu Wenbin, Bao Yaxiong feels that he has met the right people at every stage of his growth. "Javier has changed my goal line technique and position selection thinking, which is the most basic; Tony belongs to the British goalkeeper coach, focusing on the physical and mental aspects; and Guidance Liu and Guidance Xie taught me how to adjust my mind, How to control the game."

从西班牙人哈维尔(Jacker)到科尔曼时代的托尼(Tony),再到现在的刘文斌(Len Wenbin),鲍亚雄都觉得他在成长的每个阶段都遇到了合适的人。 “哈维尔改变了我的进球线技巧和位置选择思维,这是最基本的;托尼属于英国守门员教练,侧重于身体和心理方面;刘导和谢导则教我如何调整思维,控制游戏。”

Although currently playing the main force in Hebei Huaxia Fortune, Bao Yaxiong still feels that he has many shortcomings. "Positioning skills, movement and handling of the ball under the foot need to be improved, and then there is a psychological barrier. When encountering important games, there is still some tension." Bao Yaxiong said frankly that he would feel confused because of the diversity of the opponent's offensive methods. Start analysis. "For goalkeepers, the game mentality is a very critical factor, and I must focus on this aspect of improvement in the future. No matter training or competition, I must achieve the same level and strive to maintain the stability of the competitive state."

尽管鲍亚雄目前是河北华夏财富的主力军,但他仍然觉得他有很多缺点。 “需要改进脚下球的定位技巧,运动和处理方式,然后存在心理障碍。在遇到重要比赛时,仍然会有一些紧张感。”包亚雄坦率地说,由于对手进攻方式的多样性,他会感到困惑。开始分析。 “对于守门员来说,比赛心态是一个非常关键的因素,今后我必须专注于这一方面的改进。无论是训练还是比赛,我都必须达到同一个水平,并努力保持比赛状态的稳定性。”

At the age of 23, he served as the starting goalkeeper in the Chinese Super League. Bao Yaxiong's progress has made many people envious. "A lot of people told me that the goalkeeper position needs to be'simmered' and it takes longer to accumulate to kick out. I feel very lucky, but I also understand that everything depends on strength. I always feel that there is strength. You can kick out at the age of 17, and you can't get out without the strength. For the future, my goal is very clear, which is to keep my feet on the ground and make continuous progress!"

他在23岁时担任中国超级联赛的首发门将。包亚雄的进步使很多人羡慕不已。 “很多人告诉我,守门员的位置需要'沉浸',而且要花更多的时间才能踢出去。我感到很幸运,但我也明白,一切都取决于力量。我总是觉得有力量。您可以在17岁时踢出踢球,没有实力就无法退出比赛。对于未来,我的目标非常明确,那就是让我站稳脚跟并不断进步!”

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