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亚搏体育平台官方_上观:申花让恒大一口号苍白无力 有全北铁血魂影子

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   On the evening of the 24th, in the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua defeated Guangzhou R&F 2-0. With the two goals of Peng Xinli and Bi Jinhao, Shenhua kept the fourth place in the group and entered the championship group with one foot in the final round. The biggest highlight of this game was the start of Shenhua's "All-China Class". The head coach Cui Kangxi put Martinez on the bench and used his most trusted local player to break the embarrassment of six rounds.


   Before this campaign, Shenhua was only 1 point ahead of R&F. Shenhua, who is full of wounded soldiers, won't even get 3 points, but the security is also a bit hanged. Maybe at this time many coaches will choose Martinez, at least in a different way to fight. But in the eyes of Cui Kangxi, a high center forward Bi Jinhao who was temporarily righted has a far better effect than Martinez, who has only 60 points. After all, the latter has just arrived, has just gone through a 14-day quarantine, and lacks a run-in with the team.


   The stubborn Cui Kangxi is not superstitious about foreign aid, which can be seen in his attitude towards Sarawi. Cui Kangxi's use of high center forward is also an obsession. When joining Shenhua, the first thing he did was to introduce high center forward Ai Tu Jin Xinyu. After Jin Xinyu retired from injury, he began to "reform" Moreno again. Now Moreno is also injured. Cui Kangxi has "sacrificed" Bi Jinhao again, re-transforming Bi Jinhao, who was once a striker and has been playing central defender for a long time, into a center. During the Football Association Cup last year, Shenhua defeated Tianjin Teda with the "All China Class" lineup and advanced to the FA Cup semi-finals. In that game, Bi Jinhao had already been tried as a center and also scored.






   Why does Cui Kangxi prefer the center forward? In order to increase the bloodiness and hardness of the team, and the ability to repeatedly hit the opponent. When the skill and speed are not up to the highest level, then power becomes the most direct and effective means. A truly effective high center forward is the siege hammer on the football field and the most important heavy weapon. Someone said: "In Cui Kangxi's bloody football philosophy, just like Wu Yusen's violent aesthetic movies, there must be a violent part."






After the game, Cui Kangxi spoke highly of the combat effectiveness of the "All China Class": "This season is different from last season. We have introduced a lot of local players. There are strong players in all positions. Peng Xinli and Bi Jinhao are in The tactics are well done in terms of integrity and compactness, and they can score 100 points."


   Peng Xinli was Shenhua's number one hero in this game. While completing a goal, he also assisted Bi Jinhao. Peng Xinli was very happy to have such a performance. "The team is extremely difficult. We are in the all-China class. Every team member has tried their best. It is also the result of the joint efforts of the whole team. The whole team is united. Talking about the last one. In the game against Jianye, he said, "We are all the same in these few games. We need to go all out in each game to win the game and enter the top four of the group. "

彭新立是申花队在这场比赛中的头号英雄。在完成目标的同时,他还协助了毕金浩。彭新立很高兴有这样的表演。 “团队非常困难。我们处于全中国级别。每个团队成员都尽了最大的努力。这也是整个团队共同努力的结果。整个团队团结一致。谈论最后一个。在与建业的比赛中,他说:“在这几场比赛亚博体彩网中我们都是一样的。我们需要在每场比赛中全力以赴,才能赢得比赛并进入小组前四名。 ”

   Shenhua is too difficult. I think of Xu Wei's "Life is More Than Just A Struggle in the Eyes": "Life is more than just a blindness in front of you, but also poetry and distant fields." Even if there are so many unsatisfactory things in front of you, you have to face it. Live the present, and your heart is still full of yearning for a better future.


   Currently, Shenhua and Shenzhen Kaisa have accumulated 18 points and 17 points each, and will compete for the last place in the group. In the next round, Shenhua will face Henan Jianye, who is at the bottom of the group, while Shenzhen will face Jiangsu Suning. In contrast, Shenhua has a greater chance.


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