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Tiger Fight, September 26th. In the transfer market this summer, the Italian name Fabrizio Romano can be described as a "god" existence, and his sentence "Here we go" is enough to make thousands of fans. Uplifting. And how did he, who was only 27 years old, step into the altar step by step? Recently, he accepted an exclusive interview with Sportbible, telling about his ten-year working experience.

老虎大战,9月26日。在今年夏天的转会市场上,意大利名字Fabrizio Romano可谓是“神”的存在,而他的句子“ Here we go”足以吸引成千上万的粉丝。令人振奋。他只有27岁,如何一步步走进祭坛?最近,他接受了Sportbible的独家专访,讲述了他十年的工作经验。

Ten years ago, Romano, who was only 18 years old, originally wrote news for a small website in Italy. Later, he became an assistant to an agent working in Barcelona and has since been exposed to reports on the transfer market.


Romano recalled: "He told me:'I know you are a young reporter, can you help me write an article about the two players I'm talking about?' Those two are Deulofeu And Icardi, and it also helped me. Because later when Icardi joined Sampdoria and Inter Milan, I got news and Icardi was also my first big news."


"I got the news before the transfer window opened. His agent told me in November that they had reached an agreement with Inter Milan, and Inter Milan would seek to reach an agreement with Sampdoria. He told me that the deal is basically OK. It is said that it has been reached, but Icardi will join in Xia Chuang instead of Winter Chuang."


"This is the beginning of my reporting on transfer news. I immediately fell in love with such a character. I often say that the transfer market is like a jungle. You are looking forward to discovering the unexpected. I like this feeling. ."


Ten years have passed, and the 27-year-old Romano has now become the one that people want to verify when faced with important transfer news. If you want to know the news of the transfer market, it’s easy to refresh Romano’s account on Twitter. His sources are all over Europe, so that he seems to know every transfer that is taking place.


However, this status also brought him great pressure.


"Every day you will encounter new contracts and new players will participate in the transfer market. In Italy, if you go out to eat in a restaurant, you can always get some news or meet some different people."


"Maintaining the right relationship is the key. In the football world and the transfer market, if you have a good relationship with others, then you are on the right path. You respect others, and they will respect you."


"At the same time I will tell them:'You have to tell me the truth.' So this is about respect. I have a good relationship with many agents, and I am also trying to get out of Italy, in England and Spain. Expand business."


"If you get false news, such as players who stand up and deny the news of the transfer, then you will be'dead' the next day. You may be the king the day before, but you will be finished the next day, so you must be honest ."


Romano said: “It’s unrealistic to always be the person who broke the news in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. My goal is to pursue precision, so people will feel that when I see from Romano They really happen when they’re news."


"I don’t want to give false information. It’s not my style, but it’s impossible to stay right in the transfer market forever. If you just follow a team, it’s easier because you can meet the chairman and the director. , Some agents and players."


"But from my point of view, you need to be always ready to ask a lot of agents, directors, and intermediaries. This is great because you can communicate with a lot of people, but it’s also crazy because you need to send massive information."


"I don't want to give people illusions, I will only explain what is happening in the transfer market. It doesn't matter who I am, what I am doing is important."


"I feel a strong sense of responsibility. It's not about me or DiMazio. We are a team and work together. That's why we are so strong, like a team, football and the transfer market. They are also connected."


With the popularity of Romano in the transfer market, when the transfer was about to happen, his famous saying "Here we go" was also regarded as a standard by many fans.

随着Romano在转会市场的普及,即将进行转会时,他的名言“ Here we go”也被许多粉丝视为标准。

"To be honest, I can't remember the specific transfer, but I remember it was about Manchester United two years ago. That transfer will have too many updates, because this is how the clubs negotiate. I was pushing this transfer every day, and when the deal was finally concluded, I sent a tweet: OK here we go! The negotiation is finally over and the deal has been concluded!"


"Later, people became crazy about this here we go. When I talked about the transfer news of other clubs, everyone left a message saying: hurry up and say here we go!"


"I like it very much, but I have no plans to create such a trademark. It is not my style. The here we go label was put on me by the fans by accident."


Romano is already a celebrity in the transfer market. It is a hard work for fans to respond to the team's eagerness to understand the transfer trend, but Romano enjoys the process very much.


He said: "This is my favorite link. It is impossible to reply to all questions, but I try to reply to as many people as possible. If they leave me a message on Instagram or Twitter, I will try to reply every day. Because for me, feeling with people is very important. I know what it means to be a fan. I don亚博体彩网’t think I’m a big star. I’m just an ordinary person who reports on transfer news and loves football. "


"Manchester United fans sent me a lot of news about Sancho this summer. From their point of view, I hope Sancho can join, but I find it difficult."


We have all experienced too many unexpected transfers in the transfer market. For example, Romano never expected Ronaldo to come to Serie A. At the same time, Banega's transfer from Inter Milan to Seville surprised him. On the other hand, there are also many seemingly stable transfers that ultimately fail. For example, players change their minds at the last minute, such as failed medical examinations, or stalled negotiations. Although an agreement has been reached, the transfer of Rabiot to Barcelona failed to take place, and David Silva immediately rejected Lazio after receiving an invitation from Spain. Romano often cited these two examples to emphasize how rapidly changing the transfer market is.


"Free agents are the most dangerous because they can change their minds at the last moment. They can say: ‘OK, I’m going to change my mind tomorrow morning. I want to go to another country.’ And they can do it right away."


"This is the charm of the transfer market. If you want to experience something else, as I always say, play FIFA career mode or FM, where you can sign players in two minutes. In reality In life, you need to understand that certain things can happen. This is part of football and you have to accept it."


There are less than two weeks before the transfer deadline on October 5. How much pressure does the transfer deadline put on transfer experts like Romano?


"I have to say that when you want to cover transfer rumors around the world, it will be more difficult. The transfer deadline in Italy is different from England. The big teams will finish their work before the deadline, only mid-range. The team will finalize the deal at the last minute. Giant teams like Juventus and Inter Milan will not introduce players on the transfer deadline. This is not their style."


"So the transfer deadline became crazy for me after I expanded my Premier League business and European football business. I remember in January, we met Ighalo transfer. He was in Milan with his agent, He told me at lunch that I was waiting for Tottenham, but in the end he joined Manchester United."


"Anything can happen, so I always pay attention to the England transfer market on the transfer deadline."


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