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Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, is also one of the mecca of German football. After the reunification of the two Germanys, the Stuttgart club won the first Bundesliga championship after restructuring in 1991, and the current German national team coach Loew took over the team coach in the following years. In March 1996, Werner was born in a city where the atmosphere of football was constantly sublimating when Loew created the "magic triangle" composed of Balakoff, Elber and Bobic.

斯图加特是德国巴登-符腾堡州的首府,也是德国足球的圣地之一。两个德国统一后,斯图加特俱乐部在1991年进行重组后赢得了第一个德甲联赛冠军,现任德国国家队教练洛伊(Loew)在接下来的几年中接任了球队教练。 1996年3月,沃纳(Werner)出生在一个城市,当洛伊(Loew)创建了由巴拉科夫(Balakoff),埃尔伯(Elber)和波比奇(Bobic)组成的“魔术三角”时,足球的气氛不断升华。

Werner's father was a player and coach, and his background allowed him to enter the Stuttgart youth training system at the age of 6. Of course, his father not only gave Werner the best playing environment, but also gave him excellent physical fitness and proud football talent. Because of this, Werner soon showed outstanding physical conditions and foot skills among his peers, and entered the higher youth team since childhood. However, even with such a "leapfrog" competition, it is still difficult to stop Werner from crushing the youth arena of all ages in Germany.


In the 2012-13 season, when Bayern and Dortmund met in the Champions League final, Werner handed over 24 goals in 23 games in the Bundesliga U19 youth league. He was only 17 years old at this time. . Such an achievement allowed Werner to win the Walter U17 Gold Award (rewarding outstanding young players that year), and the silver medalist is now playing for Dortmund, Germany international Brandt.

在2012-13赛季,拜仁和多特蒙德在欧洲冠军联赛决赛中相遇时,维尔纳在U19青年联赛的23场比赛中交出了24个进球。他当时只有17岁。 。这项成就使Werner赢得了Walter U17金奖(当年奖励杰出的年轻球员),银牌得主现在为德国国际名将Brandt效力。

With Werner "leapfrogging" to complete the rule of the youth league at all levels, the Bundesliga stadium has naturally become the stage for this talented teenager. In the summer of 2013, Werner officially entered the first team of Stuttgart, and then completed the club debut in the qualifying match between the Europa League and Bulgaria Plovdiv on August 1, which made Werner the most played in the history of the Stuttgart team. Young player, when he was only 17 years old, 4 months and 25 days. 16 days later, Werner came off the bench to complete the Bundesliga debut in Stuttgart.

随着Werner的“跨越式发展”以完成各级青年联赛的统治,德甲体育馆自然成为了这个才华横溢的少年的舞台。 2013年夏天,维尔纳正式进入斯图加特第一支球队,然后在8月1日的欧罗巴联赛和保加利亚普罗夫迪夫之间的资格赛中完成了俱乐部的处子秀,这使维尔纳成为斯图加特队历史上表现最出色的球队。年轻的球员,当时他只有17岁零4个月零25天。 16天后,沃纳(Werner)替补出场,完成了在斯图加特的德甲联赛首秀。

Faced with Hoffenheim in the fourth round of the 2013-14 season, Werner became the youngest assist player in Bundesliga history; faced Frankfurt in the 6th round, Werner became the youngest scoring player in Stuttgart history; faced in the 12th round Freiburg, Werner became the youngest player to score twice in the history of the Bundesliga. At this time, he was only 17 years old and 249 days...Later, Werner created the youngest Bundesliga to play 50 games and 100 games. Player record in the field.


Because of the very similar background and experience, Werner was naturally regarded as another Gomez cultivated in Stuttgart at the beginning of his debut. However, this young talent quickly showed different characteristics from the big brother-compared to the "Super Mario" who dominates the penalty area, Werner, who has a speed of less than 100 meters in 11 seconds, is good at breaking and attacking. Active running allows him to Covers a larger area, so you can not only serve as arrows in the team, but also capable of multiple positions such as wingers. Therefore, Werner has occupied the main position in Stuttgart since he was born. In the first quarter, he handed over the transcript of 4 goals and 5 assists.


21-year-old Gomez once led Stuttgart to the Bundesliga title and became the youngest German footballer in history, but Werner went off the right track when he was 21 years old. On the one hand, Werner’s relatively single playing characteristics are an important reason for his slow progress; on the other hand, Stuttgart, who has replaced seven coaches in three years, is not the best fertile ground for Werner to grow up, just as "Bild" was relegated in Stuttgart. Afterwards, "In such a turbulent environment, you can't expect a 20-year-old guy to stand up and save the team..."

21岁的戈麦斯曾经带领斯图加特夺得德甲联赛冠军,并成为历史上最年轻的德国足球运动员,但沃纳21岁时就走上了正轨。一方面,沃纳相对单一的打法特征是他进步缓慢的重要原因。另一方面,斯图加特在三年内已经更换了七名教练,这并不是沃纳成长的最佳沃土,就像“ Bild”在斯图加特被降级一样。之后,“在如此动荡的环境中,您不能指望一个20岁的男人站起来并拯救团队……”

In the summer of 2016, the relegation of the home team put Werner on the crossroads of life. Although Stuttgart has always emphasized that Werner will continue to play in the Bundesliga with the team, he rejected the old path taken by the "Prince of Cologne" Podolski, "In any case, I still want to continue to play in the top league." At this time, Dortmund, Leverkusen and other giants have sent invitations, but after a detailed discussion with RB Leipzig’s sports director Rangnick, Werner finally decided to join this Bundesliga new army labeled "Youth Army". A very young team, I look forward to the next journey very much."

2016年夏天,主队的降级使沃纳走上了人生的十字路口。尽管斯图加特一直强调沃纳将继续与德甲联赛一起效力于德甲,但他拒绝了“科隆亲王”波多尔斯基所采取的旧路线,“无论如何,我仍然想继续参加顶级联赛。 ”这时,多特蒙德,勒沃库森和其他巨人发出了邀请,但在与莱比锡RB体育总监Rangnick进行了详细讨论之后,Werner最终决定加入这支标有“青年军”的德甲新军。一个非常年轻的团队,我非常期待下一个旅程。”

"Despite his young age, Werner has a wealth of Bundesliga experience and has proven his strength many times in this level of competition. I believe he is an aspiring player and wants to continue to improve himself. (Leipzig) is definitely suitable for him. The team." Rangnick not only said so, RB Leipzig also did it. In the new formation created by the then coach Hasen Hüter, Well, who was fully trusted, occupied the main forward position at the beginning of the team. Unlike the chaotic Stuttgart, Werner and the team’s "little monsters" of the same age quickly Produced a powerful chemical reaction.


It seems that Werner and Bayern are a match made in heaven. The new German star is fully in line with the Bayern chairman Hoeness’s "FC Germany" team idea, and his agent was also a teammate of Bayern Chairman Rummenigge. According to German Sky Sports, Bayern reached an agreement with Werner on a transfer last summer and even started contract negotiations, but they did not contact them after that. Werner, who is determined to join Bayern, has rejected other team offers and can only renew Leipzig if the transfer fails. Only reasonable liquidated damages have left enough room for the transfer this summer.

沃纳和拜仁似乎是天作之合。这位新的德国球星完全符合拜仁董事长Hoeness的“ FC德国”团队构想,他的经纪人也是拜仁董事长Rummenigge的队友。据德国天空体育报道,拜仁去年夏天与维尔纳就转会达成协议,甚至开始了合同谈判,但此后他们没有与他们联系。决心加入拜仁的沃纳已经拒绝了其他球队的报价,并且只有在转会失败的情况下才能续约莱比锡。只有合理的违约金为今年夏天的转让留出了足够的空间。

According to analysis, Bayern’s hesitation last summer made Werner and his team very dissatisfied, and Werner, who stayed on the team, ushered in a new round of outbreak in the new season-in addition to constantly refreshing his own scoring record, even Leading Lewandowski in the scorer list. However, the shooter who has scored 31 goals and 12 assists in all competitions this season (25 goals and 8 assists in the league) has gradually moved away from Bayern, and even made many different voices off the court.


As we all know, Frick took over the Bayern coach in the first half of the season. Since he had a teacher-student relationship with Werner while working in the German Football Association, Flick never stinged on Werner's appreciation, but the biggest problem here is that the Bayern executives always lack recognition of Werner. During the winter window of this season, the sports director Salihamidzic publicly poured cold water: "Werner is an excellent player, he played a strong first half. But we have Lewan, who is a more suitable striker for our system. …Werner is very fast, he needs more space, just like in Leipzig, but Leipzig is not as close as Bayern in defense."


It is not difficult to see that Bayern did not sign Werner because they were worried that he could not play a role in the face of dense defense. In this regard, Werner counterattacked without evasiveness: "Lewand is a super striker, but he has also changed his style of play. He usually faces a close defense at Bayern. He also relied on space and counterattack in Dortmund before. Wan’s playing style is similar to mine. He goes deep into the enemy’s hinterland and strikes a quick counterattack. Of course, as he grows older, he may lose some vitality, but he has now adapted to Bayern’s play and has been improving. I have proven to face close defense in Leipzig. Time can play a role, and I still have room for improvement."


When Werner said this, it was self-evident that Bayern’s yearning and confidence was self-evident, but he didn’t want this affectionate or not in return. This made Werner completely changed his mind after the rematch: "If you transfer, instead of Joining Bayern, I want to go abroad to develop.” This statement undoubtedly cut off the possibility of a transfer to Bayern, "Sports Pictures" also followed up and pointed out that Bayern had also cut off the connection with Werner. Since then, the first club to be associated with Werner's name is Liverpool, under the leadership of German coach Klopp, but Chelsea has shown a consistent transfer style and secretly signed the hot German striker.


Due to the physical conditions given by his parents, Werner has a talent for speed since childhood. For this reason, when Werner first appeared in the public eye, he was given the nickname "turbine engine" by the media. In this regard, Werner has never concealed his reliance on speed advantage. “Speed ​​should be regarded as a weapon. Players like Aubameyang are like this. I think that players with high speed are very useful now. It can be seen in every team."

由于父母的身体条件,Werner从小就对速度有着天赋。因此,当维尔纳首次出现在公众视野中时,媒体给他起了“涡轮发动机”的绰号。在这方面,沃纳从未掩饰过他对速度优势的依赖。 ``速度应该被视为武器。像奥巴梅扬这样的球员就是这样。我认为高速播放器现在非常有用。可以在每个团队中看到。”

It should be pointed out that due to the solid basic skills honed since childhood, Werner's ball holding speed is also amazing, which makes him more flexible and quicker on the court, demonstrating his strong advantages in dribbling and breakthrough. Considering that Lampard’s Chelsea youth army also has high requirements for speed and rhythm, Werner can play an extremely important role as a speed-up player in the team. Werner’s best way of scoring is to respond to direct passes (or short). After passing infiltration), play the advantage of speed, break through the defense or get rid of the defense to hit the opponent's heart to complete the shot, and this is undoubtedly the improvement that Werner needs most for the Blues.


During his time in Stuttgart, Werner was most criticized for his poor shooting skills, and the various opportunities he wasted were enough to make a collection. However, with the increase in confidence and experience accumulation during his stay in Leipzig, Werner's ability to read the game has been significantly improved-he is no longer the "stunned green" who simply and rudely finished, but has become more calm and possessive. The idea, the timing of shooting and the choice of angle tend to be reasonable, which naturally makes him more killer in front of the goal.


Looking back at Stuttgart, Werner only scored 13 goals in 95 appearances; this season, Werner has scored 26 goals in only 32 league games, and each goal takes only 102 minutes. The opportunity conversion rate Increased to 22%, the shooting accuracy rate reached 52%. You know, Chelsea’s top scorer Abraham scored only 13 league goals this season. Each goal took 150 minutes, the chance conversion rate was 20.5%, and the shot accuracy was only 45%. The statistics are comparable to Werner. The gap is obvious.


As a supernova emerging in German football, Werner's continuous progress in recent years is obvious to all. In particular, the continuous "ignorance" by Bayern has inspired infinite fighting spirit. In fact, Leipzig, as a new Bundesliga tyrant, not only is trustworthy in the strength and financial resources of the team, but also several consecutive coaches have listed Werner as the core of the team's offense. Therefore, staying in Leipzig is a good home for Werner, but he still chooses He moved to an unfamiliar Premier League game and fully demonstrated his desire to prove and improve himself.


According to reports, Leipzig has made almost every effort to try to keep Werner, coach Nagelsmann even stated that "if he (Werner) leaves, the team will be very different, just like Lewand left Bayern. The same." However, Werner's determination to leave the team has long been determined, and he looks forward to being "reborn" again in the new environment and challenges. According to the "Telegraph", Lampard and Cech went to Germany for negotiations in person. Such sincerity quickly moved Werner. The German striker is not only eager to go further, but also eager for a championship trophy that has never been touched by the club in his career. This is an important reason why he chose the Blues.


First of all, although Werner was born as a "forward + shooter", he rarely appeared in the center position in the past. In particular, Leipzig's main push 442 double forward position, Werner is closer to the shadow forward position behind the center forward. In view of the fact that Chelsea does not have a double forward match regardless of whether it adopts a three-centre system or a three-midfield position, Werner has to face the choice of a new position: Either compete for the main position on the two wings, or replace Abraham. A suitable center (which has proved to be a failure in the German national team), which tests both Werner's personal ability and Lampard's coaching wisdom.


At the same time, as a speed player with a height of 181cm, Werner's air superiority and confrontation ability are obviously weak, coupled with only a 76% pass success rate, which allows Werner to adapt to the Premier League confrontation and integrate in time. The Blue Army system put a question mark on it. In addition, Werner's mental danger cannot be ignored. While in Leipzig, diving once allowed Werner to push himself to the forefront and "receive psychological counseling treatment", and he also suffered from vertigo when he expedition to Turkey in the Champions League. Taking into account the fierce competition in the Premier League and external pressure, Werner may have to accept new and greater challenges on and off the stadium.


Fortunately, after four years of training in Leipzig, Werner's ability and mind are far from the past, and it makes him dare to take new steps this summer. With the support and trust of Lampard and the Blues, this hopeful alliance not only ignited the transfer market, but also ignited the next season's Premier League matchup-at least in the eyes of Chelsea and Werner, a new road to championship Already turned on!


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