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亚博体彩网_金玟哉去留一周之内将有结果 能否赴英取决于两大变数

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Reported by Wang Xiaorui, All Media Reporter of Sports Weekly


As the transfer market of the five major European leagues is getting closer and closer, the suspense about Kim Minya's stay is entering the "coming soon" stage. After Lazio gradually lost interest in him in Serie A, Tottenham Hotspur is currently the closest team to Kim Minya in the Premier League. But whether they can finally join hands with the South Korean international is critical to the development of the next week.


In the European transfer market this summer, where Jin Minzai is going is a hot topic. PSV, Tottenham and Lazio are the most interested in him, and news comes from time to time that these clubs are negotiating with Guoan on the transfer fee. But in fact, during this process, several clubs only expressed an attitude of actively seeking purchases, and Guoan did not have any substantive response. The only principle always adhered to is the transfer fee of 15 million euros. "If we can't reach the standard of the amount we are willing to sell, we will not consider selling." From beginning to end, this position is very firm.

亚博体彩网在今年夏天的欧洲转机市场中,金敏载打算去的地方是一个热门话题。 PSV,热刺和拉齐奥对他最感兴趣,而且不时有消息传出,这些俱乐部正在与国安就转会费进行谈判。但实际上,在此过程中,几家俱乐部只表达了积极寻求购买的态度,国安没有任何实质性回应。始终坚持的唯一原则是1500万欧元的转会费。 “如果我们不能达到我们愿意出售的数量标准,我们将亚博体彩网不考虑出售。”从头到尾,这个立场非常坚定。

Earlier this month, the Guoan team "secretly" signed Bosnia-Herzegovina central defender Shunic. Some people believe that this will mark Jin Minya's upcoming trip to Europe. This may not be the case. If the development of the situation does not meet expectations, it is not ruled out that Jin Minza and Shunich are used at the same time on the back line. If so, the player who may be excluded from the big list by then is the Brazilian foreign aid Fernando. But this is just a hypothesis. The core issue is whether Jin Minya will stay or leave.

本月初,国安队“秘密”签下了波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那中央后卫舒尼克。有人认为,这将标志着金敏雅即将前往欧洲。事实并非如此。如果情况的发展未达到预期,则不排除在后线同时使用Jin Minza和Shunich。如果是这样,那么届时可能会被排除在大名单之外的球员就是巴西外援费尔南多。但这只是一个假设。核心问题是金敏雅是否会留下。

At present, there are two variables that affect Jin Minya's final stay. First, Guoan’s pursuit of the championship; second, Tottenham’s attitude. There was a saying before that if Guoanzhi wins the Chinese Super League, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the defense. Then the next move is to stop all trade negotiations and keep Jin Minya in full force to hit the Super League champion. However, according to the reporter's understanding, this is only one of many development possibilities. After all, if you sell Jin Minzai and look back at more than 10 million euros, it would be a huge expense for Guoan.

目前,有两个变量影响金敏雅的最终停留。首先,国安追求冠军;其次,热刺的态度。以前有句话说,如果国安之队赢得中国超级联赛,就必须保持防守的稳定性。然后,下一步就是停止所有贸易谈判,让Jin Minya全力以赴击中超级联赛冠军。但是,据记者了解,这只是众多发展可能性中的一种。毕竟,如果您出售金敏载,并且回头看一眼超过1000万欧元,对于国安来说将是一笔巨大的开支。

As for Tottenham, one is the negotiation involving the transfer fee, whether the club is determined not to raise it. Furthermore, it is the reinforcement decision made from the overall situation. It is reported that Tottenham currently has the idea of ​​introducing other high-level strikers, especially when Sun Xingmin is injured, Kane needs to be equipped with a new right-hand man. If this is the case, another transfer fee will be spent, and Jin Minzai's funds may be insufficient. And now, the purchase cost they set for Jin Minya is close to 13 million euros.

至于托特纳姆热刺,其中一项是涉及转会费的谈判,俱乐部是否决定不提高转会费。此外,这是根据整体情况做出的加强决策。据报道,热刺目前有引进其他高级射手的想法,特别是在孙兴民受伤时,凯恩需要配备一个新的得力助手。如果是这种情况,将花费另一笔转帐费,金民在的资金可能不足。而现在,他们为Jin Minya设定的购买成本已接近1300万欧元。

The summer transfer market of the five major European leagues will be closed on October 5th. Obviously, the stay of Jin Minya in the coming week is extremely important. The Guoan team is currently on vacation after finishing the first stage of the Suzhou Division. Kim Min-jae was not selected for the Korean national team this time due to the trouble entering and exiting the country. Now he is anxiously waiting for the next step. Coincidentally, the National Security Team plans to assemble at the Gaoxin base on October 4th. At that time, whether Jin Minzai appears or not is a signal to go or stay. Of course, the new aid Shunich may also show up on the 4th of next month. Before arriving in China, he entered a state of isolation and observation.


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