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Juventus officials announced the small Chiesa, a total of 10 million on loan for 2 years, 40 million buyout + 10 million bonus in 2022. Chiesa is most likely to wear size 20, his father's previous number. He was occupied by Rabiot on No. 25 in Viola. Because of Juventus and Viola's "fate", Chiesa was busy yesterday afternoon, and when the national team reported to a clinic in Florence for a medical examination (the Juventus medical team sent someone to supervise it), the Florence fans shouted insults to Chiesa outdoors, "shame ", "no soul". Viola's banner Antonioni said: "Chiesa to Juventus is very dangerous. If the competition is too strong, you may not be able to play. At his age, this development path is not good."

尤文图斯官员宣布了小的基耶萨(Chiesa)贷款,为期2年,共计1000万,到2022年将有4000万买断+ 1000万奖金。基耶萨最有可能穿上他父亲以前的尺码20。他被拉比奥特占领中提琴第25名。由于尤文图斯和中提琴的“命运”,基耶萨昨天下午很忙,当国家队向佛罗伦萨的一家诊所报告进行体检(尤文图斯的医疗团队派人监督)时,佛罗伦萨球​​迷大声侮辱基耶萨在户外,“羞耻”,“没有灵魂”。中提琴的旗帜安东尼奥尼说:“基耶萨到尤文图斯是非常危险的。如果竞争太激烈,您可能就无法参加比赛。在他的年龄,这条发展道路并不好。”

After Chiesa is in place, Juve's five strikers, Bernardeschi, who is not injured temporarily, scored a total of 91 goals last season, which is exactly the same as Juventus's total goals last season! Juventus scored 94 goals (Serie A 76 goals only ranked fifth in firepower), but 3 of them were the opponent's own own. The details of the 5 forwards are: Cristiano Ronaldo's 37 goals in the Juventus team's single-season record, Dybala 17 goals, Morata 16 goals, Chiesa 11 goals, and Kulusevsky 10 goals. That is, the 37-goal attack power of the three new aids is basically equal to the firepower of the whole team except for Juventus 7 and 10.


In 2017, Bernardski also wore a huge halo and local talents from Viola to Juventus. His performance in the past 3 years was mediocre, leaving only a 3-0 comeback at Atletico last year. Lessons learned from Chiesa.


The table below sees the specific age of Juventus signings in the past 5 years and the average age of newcomers. This year, 5 newcomers are 23 years old, the lowest in 5 years. The youngest of the five newcomers is 20 years old and the oldest Morata is 27 years old. The cleaning of the 4 players is over 30 years old, and the youthfulness of the old woman is similar to that of Milan, which is very obvious.


Sending away Higuain, Matuidi, Pjanic, Costa, Rugani, and Desilio 6 first-line players last season, and the newly signed 5 people get together in the frontcourt, meeting Pirlo's requirements: good skills The more players, the better. How to arrange these attackers, Mark Rotone was promoted to take a look at next Sunday, Dybala has returned from injury, and was on the starting list against Naples last Sunday, but the match was not completed. The defense line has Italy's main central defender combination, De Ligt (returned in November), Demiral, Danilo, really no need to add new players. Feeling that there is a hidden danger on the left side, the newcomer Flabota and Sandro alternated, so Pirlo repeatedly tried Quadrado to change to the left. The biggest regret is that he didn't get rid of Khedira, and he still had to raise his 6 million high salary.

上赛季派遣伊瓜因,马蒂伊迪,潘贾尼克,科斯塔,鲁加尼和德西里奥6名一线球员,而新签下的5名球员在前场相聚,满足了皮尔洛的要求:熟练的球员越多越好。如何安排这些攻击者,马克·罗托恩(Mark Rotone)被晋升为下周日观看比赛,迪巴拉(Dybala)因伤受伤返回,并在上周日对阵那不勒斯(Naples)的首发名单上,但比赛没有完成。国防线上有意大利的主要中央后卫组合De Ligt(11月退役),Demiral,Danilo,确亚搏体育平台官方实不需要增加新球员。感觉到左侧存在隐患,新来的弗拉博塔和桑德罗交替出现,因此皮尔洛(Pirlo)反复尝试将Quadrado换到左侧。最大的遗憾是他没有摆脱Khedira,他仍然不得不提高他的600万高薪。

After the two coaching staff were found to be positive on Saturday, the entire Juventus team was safely isolated at the J Hotel. Bonucci and Chiellini have not reported to the national team. They are very obedient and wait for the Turin Health Bureau to release. But seven players informed the club that they decided to leave the hotel and return to the national team or go home for isolation and other test results: Ronaldo, Dybala, Quadrado, Danilo, Bentancourt, Demiral, Buffon. Juventus did not stop but told these players that they are responsible for any problems or that the football association of the country is responsible. Juventus will not be held responsible.

在发现两名教练人员在亚搏体育平台官方周六表现良好后,整个尤文图斯队都被安全隔离在J酒店。 Bonucci和Chiellini尚未向国家队报告。他们非常听话,等待都灵卫生局释放。但是有七名球员告知俱乐部,他们决定离开酒店返回国家队,或者回家寻求隔离和其他测试结果:罗纳尔多,迪巴拉,夸多拉多,达尼洛,本坦古特,迪米拉尔,布冯。尤文图斯并没有停下来,而是告诉这些球员他们应对任何问题负责,或者说该国足协对此负责。尤文图斯不承担任何责任。

Juventus has followed the rules and let the whole team be isolated for observation and tested for viruses. No one can tell whether the international footballer left the country and contacted the outside world without the approval of the Italian local health bureau. Whether it violated the sanitation agreement. The Italian incident and the different opinions of various agencies are fully reflected in the rejection of the game by Naples. There is no final statement, whether the verdict is negative or postponed, and whoever is wrong should be held responsible. Argentine Tyc Sports reported that Dybala has notified the Argentine Football Association that he will participate in the Argentine training game as scheduled. Juventus will not delay the isolation. "These words make Juventus not happy. After all, it is not the Juventus club that prevents the international football from returning, but the health department. "

尤文图斯遵循规则,将整个团队隔离开来进行观察和测试病毒。未经意大利当地卫生局的批准,没有人能说出这位国际足球运动员是否已离开该国并与外界联系。是否违反卫生协议。那不勒斯对比赛​​的拒绝充分反映了意大利事件和各机构的不同意见。没有最终决定,判决是否定的还是被推迟的,谁做错了应该承担责任。阿根廷Tyc体育报道,迪巴拉已通知阿根廷足球协会,他将如期参加阿根廷训练比赛。尤文图亚搏体育平台官方斯不会延迟隔离。 “这些话使尤文图斯不高兴。毕竟,阻止尤文图斯俱乐部阻止国际足球回归的是卫生部门。”

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