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   The second game of the Premier League in the new season, Manchester United beat Brighton 3-2 away, and the team finally won the league's first victory. However, Manchester United fans who watched the game are not optimistic about the team's prospects at all. Solskjaer’s Red Devils are obviously out of rhythm in terms of state or technical and tactical performance. The hidden dangers and problems of last season are now only more thoroughly exposed. Seeing that the transfer window will be closed, if Manchester United does not have the right Signing, the team's prospects for the new season may not be optimistic.


   From the last stage of last season, the shortcomings of Manchester United's lineup have been very obvious. The team's primary problem is the serious lack of depth of the lineup, the gap between the main force and the bench is too large, and it is unable to cope with the situation of multi-line combat. In several key positions, there is no right forward with Zhengyin, no center with Zhengyin, and no reliable central defender who can partner with Maguire. These problems that existed last season have still not been resolved.


   From the first two rounds of the new season, once the current main players are in poor condition, Manchester United's situation is even worse. For example, Pogba and Martial, who were sluggish in the previous two wars, Wan Bissaka, who was blown out today, and the central defender Lindelof who was sometimes nervous, etc. Once Solskjaer relies on one or two players in the main lineup that are inaccurate or unable to find the status, Manchester United's situation will be like the first two games of the league and it will be very difficult to play. Once the Champions League starts, the pressure on Manchester United's multi-line battles will increase, and the team's situation may further deteriorate.

从新赛季的前两轮开始,一旦目前的主要球员状况不佳,曼联的情况就更糟了。例如,在前两次战争中表现不佳的Pogba和Martial,今天被击倒的Wan Bissaka,以及有时感到紧张的中央后卫Lindelof,等等。一旦Solskjaer依靠主要阵容中的一两个球员如果状态不正确或找不到位置,曼联的情况将类似于联赛的前两场比赛,并且将很难打。冠军联赛开始后,曼联多线作战的压力将增加,球队的情况可能进一步恶化。

   Manchester United won third place in the Premier League last season and the team was able to return to the Champions League. In terms of performance alone, Solskjaer delivered a satisfactory answer. However, Manchester United's third place in the Premier League is actually somewhat ‘deceptive’, or it’s overrated. Manchester United can finally reach the top four last season, to a large extent, the suspension of the league once helped the team a lot. Including Pogba, Rashford and other injured core main players received valuable rest time to help the team in time. The B fee who joined the winter window will get more opportunities to be familiar with teammates and integrate into the team. Manchester United maintained its best form after the rematch.


   Another important point is that Leicester City and Chelsea clearly crossed after the rematch, which finally gave Manchester United a chance to catch up. In fact, in the last two or three games of the league, Manchester United, which only relied on a set of lineups to chase points, has shown a clear decline, but the team has survived in one breath and finally landed smoothly and reached the top four. But the actual process is not as good-looking as finishing third.


   If entering the top four last season gave Manchester United a good start in rebuilding, then this summer’s transfer window should have been very critical for Manchester United, and it is a further opportunity. However, the performance of Manchester United's senior management headed by Woodward was disappointing. The Red Devils have only managed to get a new aid from Van der Beck, thanks to the back door opened by an old acquaintance Van der Sar. More importantly, in terms of position alone, Van der Beek is not the one that Manchester United needs most urgently. In the most important positions, Manchester United are catching the blind.


   Manchester United executives spent a summer chasing Sancho, but it hasn’t been settled yet, and the management has not shown any bargaining power. What's more puzzling is that Manchester United seem to have no alternatives on the issue of Sancho. And the energy of the entire signing team was held back by this deal, and there was no talk of other deals at all. The buyer is not effective, the cleaning of redundant staff is also useless, the person who should buy cannot buy it, and the person who should sell cannot sell it. Manchester United spent a whole summer in a daze.


What’s more deadly is that all of Manchester United’s direct competitors are strengthening, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, and even Everton. These teams are all in an arms race. What you can buy is what you can rent. Rent, only Manchester United is as calm as water, so that fans are in a hurry. Of course, buying people can't solve all the problems, but if you don't buy people, you can't solve the problems. The time for the transfer market to close is getting closer. The situation of Manchester United and Solskjaer may not be as good as expected...




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