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Hello everyone, and welcome to the morning news on September 29.


In the early hours of this morning, the Premier League’s focus was on Liverpool 3-1 Lecce Arsenal. Robertson first made a mistake and gave a gift, and then scored a goal for the overtake. New aid Ruota came off the bench and harvested the first goal to help the Reds complete the reversal of letting one catch three.


There was bad news from the Serie A game. All 14 members of the Genoa team tested positive for the new crown. The news said that 8 of them were players, and some players had already developed symptoms. The epidemic in Italy repeats, will Serie A be affected?


At 03:00 on September 29, Beijing time, the third round of the Premier League focus match, Liverpool vs. Arsenal. In the first half, Robertson gave a gift, Lacazette opened the scoring, Mane equalized, and Robertson made up for the goal. Lacazette missed two single-handed opportunities in the second half, and Jota made contributions from the bench. In the end, Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal.


Genoa officially announced that the club arranged a new crown test after the match with Naples, and a total of 14 people in the team tested positive. According to Italian media, 8 of them are players and the rest are club staff. On the return journey, some players have already experienced symptoms of the new crown.


At 20:00 on September 28, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the Suzhou Division of the first stage of the Super League, Shanghai SIPG played against Chongqing Dangdai. In the first half, Cyrino ferryed a header to assist Yuan Mincheng with a header relay and Zhang Wei dyed red. In the second half, Fernandinho singled through the barrier and missed a low shot. In the end, Chongqing defeated Ten SIPG 1-0 and won six consecutive league victories while locking in third place in the Suzhou Division. In the second stage, it will fight Jiangsu.


At 15:30 on September 28, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League in the Suzhou Division, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan played against Shijiazhuang Yongchang. The referee of this game was Shen Yinhao. In the first half, Bakambu completed the goal shortly after the opening but the offside was invalid. Fernando opened the scoring for Guo'an. Bakambu helped the team expand the lead. With this goal, he became the team's historical scorer. Zhang Yuning sent two assists; in the second half , The two sides have an offensive against each other, Fernando scored twice, Button scored in stoppage time, and finally Guoan 4-0 Yongchang.

北京时间9月28日15:30,在中超联赛苏州分部第一阶段第14轮中,北京中和国安与石家庄永昌队对阵。这场比赛的裁判是沉银浩。上半场,巴卡姆布在开场后不久就完成了进球,但越位无效。费尔南多(Fernando)为国安队打分。 Bakambu帮助团队扩大了领先优势。为此,他成为了球队的历史得分手。张裕宁送来了两次助攻。下半场,双方互相进攻,费尔南多得分两次,巴顿在补时阶段得分,最终国安4-0永昌。

At 15:30 on September 28, Beijing time, in the last round of the Suzhou Division of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDA played against Wuhan Zall, and the referee was Huang Yi. The pace of the first half was slow, and there were not many opportunities for both sides. Evra retired from injury in the second half, Achim Peng lost points + goal invalid. In the end, TEDA 0-0 Wuhan, Wuhan won the fifth place in the competition and will face Henan Jianye in the second stage.

北京时间9月28日15:30,在中国超级联赛第一阶段苏州分区的最后一轮中,天津泰达队与武汉扎尔队对战,主裁判黄毅。上半年步伐缓慢,双方的机会并不多。埃弗拉在下半场因伤退出比赛,阿奇姆·彭失去得分+进球无效。最终,TEDA 0-0武汉,武汉获得了比赛的第五名,并将在第二阶段面对河南建业。

At 20:00 on September 28th, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Hebei China Fortune played against Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang. The referee of this game was Ma Ning. In the first half, Maerkang headed to break the deadlock, Gao Huaze rode through the barrier and then went to the next city; in the second half, Qingdao teenager Maimedi Abdullah scored his first goal in the Super League, but Maerkang scored twice to help Hebei secure the victory. In the end, Hebei beat Qingdao 3-1.

北京时间9月28日20:00,在中国超级联赛第一阶段的第14轮中,《河北中华财富》对阵青岛黄海青冈。这场比赛的裁判是马宁。上半年,玛尔康前往打破僵局,高华泽骑行穿过障碍,然后前往下一个城市。下半场,青岛小将麦梅迪·阿卜杜拉(Mamedidi Abdullah)攻入了中超联赛的第一个进球,但马尔康(Maerkang)进球两次,帮助河北队取得了胜利。最后,河北3-1击败青岛。

Early this morning, in the final match of the third round of the Premier League, Liverpool defeated Arsenal 3-1 at home and won the league's opening three consecutive victories, scoring 9 points with Leicester City and Merseyside rivals Everton. However, Leicester City led the Premier League after three rounds with a goal difference advantage.


Earlier, German media reported that Lewandre and Qusans had a conflict during training. Both parties responded to the incident on social media and both said that they were happy to see the news.


According to The Athletic report, in Chelsea's 3-3 draw with West Brom, Chelsea full-back Marcos Alonso midfielder was replaced, and it is reported that he returned to the team bus without authorization after being replaced. Let him be severely criticized by Lampard.


Liverpool officially announced that goalkeeper Karius will join the Bundesliga team Berlin for a season on loan.


According to Spanish Radio Four, Dembele was late again in Barcelona's training today.


The second stage of the Chinese Super League championship group matches were all released, among which the Shanghai Derby and the duel between Guoan and Luneng were particularly eye-catching. The second stage of the championship competition will be held in the Suzhou Division. The battle will start on October 16 and the final champion of the season will be determined on November 12.


The second stage of the Super League relegation group matches are all released, including Shenzhen against TEDA and Jianye against Wuhan. The second stage of the relegation competition will be held in the Dalian Division. The battle will start on October 16th, and the relegation quota and the quota for the play-off will be decided on November 11.


According to news from the Northwest Watch Stand, the National Football Team has consulted Jiang Guangtai and Fernando's jersey sizes, and the two are basically determined to be selected for the new national football team.


Guangzhou R&F officially announced that Chongqing foreign aid Adrian joined on loan.


In the previous match of the second division, the Spaniard defeated Real Oviedo 2-0 away, and Chinese forward Wu Lei failed to make a profit in the first game.


On September 28, Beijing time, the domestic media "Football" reported that a Chinese Super League relegation team wanted to rent a striker general Teixeira from Suning.


Atlético Suarez's debut helped the team beat Granada 6-1. Costa said in an interview after the game that Suarez is great, and the two of them can fight one by one and bite.


Recently, Chelsea defender Thiago Silva said in an interview with "French Football" that he did not like the way Paris treats himself in the end; regrettably, like in Milan at the time, he could not leave after saying goodbye to the fans.

最近,切尔西后卫蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)在接受《法国足球》采访时说,他不喜欢巴黎最终对待自己的方式。遗憾的是,就像当时的米兰一样,他在与球迷们道别之后无法离开。

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