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亚博体彩网-上观:非血缘归化要谨慎 有一点很可怕

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   The picture said: The fans hope that non-blood naturalization can be like Yang Chen and Wu Lei, with blood to fight for the national foot.


   The Chinese national team, with Li Tie as the coach, will start a six-day training camp in Shanghai on October 4 to prepare for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian group stage to be held next year. Li Tie responded to the rumors that "the national football team recruits up to 4 naturalized players": "I have not heard of these restrictions."


Regarding naturalized players, Chen Xuyuan, Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, and Liu Yi, Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association, were very certain when interviewed by the official media: first, this is not a long-term strategy; secondly, the Chinese national team will not have too many Brazilian returnees. Players.


   During the preparations for the national football team, rumors about the limit on the number of naturalized players were rampant, and it is worth pondering by the majority of fans. Recently, the Japanese national team announced a 23-man roster consisting of all overseas players, while the Chinese national team can only improve its strength through naturalization. There is a sharp contrast between the two. Of course, many fans also want to ask: Who is "bringing the rhythm" for naturalized players, especially non-blood related players?




In most countries and regions, naturalizing an outstanding non-national or local player needs to speak the local language, which not only shows that the player integrates into the local culture, but also a sign of his national and ethnic identity . However, the non-blood naturalized players run by the Super League club are more like a "mercenary" with a high salary and I changed my nationality, and more like a contractual relationship.


   Even so, the Chinese Football Association has a very clear positioning for naturalization, especially non-blood naturalization. The Chinese Football Association Football Association Chen Xuyuan once said frankly, "From the bottom of my heart, I hope it is just a small episode of a stage, let it pass. This (naturalization) will not become the norm, it will not become the theme, it will not be like Some of our fans said that the 11 players in our country are all naturalized, which is absolutely impossible."


Liu Yi, secretary general of the Chinese Football Association, said: “We will not let two-thirds of the national team’s lineup be Brazilian naturalized players. We will recruit two or three, or maybe three or four Brazilian naturalized players. That's it."


   In the author's opinion, the naturalized players of Chinese football can be divided into two types: blood related and non-blood related. Naturalization by blood is because this player has Chinese ancestry within three generations. According to the relevant rules of FIFA, he can complete the conversion of nationality and membership. Naturalization without blood relationship requires the player to live in a country and region other than his home country for 5 years. According to relevant rules, he can change his nationality and membership.



   There are completely different prerequisites for the conversion between naturalization by blood and non-blood naturalization. Naturally, the two cannot be confused. Of course, since some clubs have already spent a lot of money to operate a group of non-blood naturalized players, the Chinese national team must at least give them the opportunity to train, observe their competitive state, and then select the best according to the needs of the national football team.


National football coach Li Tie said that he has two principles for the selection and use of naturalized players: "First, he must first be qualified to represent the Chinese national team. Second, whether he is willing to play for the Chinese team." Satisfaction With these two conditions, naturalized players have the opportunity to be selected for the national football training team.


In fact, although the Brazilian player Goulart became a Chinese citizen before the completion of the Guangzhou operation, he was considered a Chinese citizen of Guangzhou, but he did not meet the relevant requirements for living in China for 5 years, so he will have to wait until 2023 to change his membership. Qualified to play on behalf of the national football team. Therefore, it is currently impossible for Li Tie to recruit Goolat, who is not qualified to represent the national football team, into the training team.


   The picture said: Netizens PS’s 11 national football players will start, and it should not appear in reality.


   For the selection of naturalized players, Li Tie's current approach is very pragmatic. Before calling Browning and Fernando, Li Tie both called these two naturalized players to communicate, "They both performed well in the Super League and expressed their desire to play for the Chinese team. I hope that through training, the players can interact with each other. Understand better between."




According to FIFA’s “new rules of naturalization”, the national football coach Li Tie can theoretically have up to 7 naturalized players at present: Li Ke, Hou Yongyong, Browning and 3 naturalized players, Elkerson and Fernando , Alan, Aloisio 4 non-blood naturalized.


   The Chinese national team can dispatch a starting lineup that is mostly naturalized players. Forwards Elkeson, Aloisio, midfielders Li Ke, Fernando, Alan, Hou Yongyong, defender Browning. The question also arises. If these 7 naturalized players start at the same time, what will a Chinese national team consisting of mostly "foreign faces" and "non-speaking Chinese" naturalized players bring to Chinese fans? Perception? Is it excited and proud, or embarrassed and helpless?




   In the author's opinion, Li Tie's "clarification" also reflects that very few media people are suspected of being "rhythmic." Browning, Yanneris, and Hou Yongyong all have Chinese ancestry and belong to naturalization with blood. They are not exactly the same as those without naturalization. At this time, the media exaggerated "The Chinese Football Association only allows the recruitment of 4 naturalized players", and confuses the number of blood and non-blood naturalized players. It is obvious that there is a suspicion of confusion or even smuggling.


   In fact, as long as the naturalized players really have the strength, can help the national football team, and are willing to play for the "country", I believe that Li Tie is too happy and will never turn a blind eye. In the final analysis, naturalized players who have completed naturalization, especially non-blood naturalization, must show the ability to match wages, salaries and "settling expenses", otherwise some naturalized players "assimilate as soon as they are naturalized", which can only make people sigh .


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