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亚搏体育平台官方:沪媒支招上港:提升把握机会能力 适当调整进攻战术

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Morning news reporter Yu Jiong


   If you don’t count the full bench in the last game of the first stage of the Super League, the Shanghai Derby on the evening of the 18th was the first game in which Shanghai SIPG did not score a goal this season. At the same time, it completed the eighth match of the city's opponent Shanghai Greenland Shenhua this season, and Shenhua's data is also the best in the entire Super League this year.


   Although in this game, SIPG still showed an advantage in overall strength. Shenhua has few offensive opportunities, but the final victory still depends on scoring. The SIPG team, which is ambition to compete for the title, wants to advance as they wish in the second round of the Derby on Friday night. Certain changes are definitely needed to break through Shenhua's dense defensive tactics.




   How to convert scoring opportunities into goals, SIPG coach Pereira on the sidelines must be the most anxious. Even though Shenhua used all means to defend, SIPG was still able to get a good opportunity to score in such a fierce confrontation. Unfortunately, Wang Shenchao and Fu Huan did not grasp it.


   From the data point of view, the same is true. Shenhua only took 3 shots in the game, and none of them were within the goal range. SIPG’s 17 shots in the game were close to 6 times that of their opponents, but only 4 shots were taken, which was too inefficient.

从数据的角度来看,也是如此。在比赛中,申花只射了3球,而且都没有射门。 SIPG在游戏中的17杆射击是对手的近6倍,但只拍摄了4杆,效率太低。

"We played a good game, created a lot of opportunities, did a good job of pressing against the opponent, and showed a high level for most of the game, but the only regret was that we missed the opportunity to score." As Pereira said after the game, this is what SIPG needs to improve in the second round.


  As the opponent's overall attack power is not too strong, if SIPG can do a better job in seizing opportunities, it is still very hopeful that the two teams will take the lead in the second round of the contest.




   Of course, seizing the opportunity is easier said than done. Especially the mentality has a great influence. When the opportunity really comes, you need to be calm enough instead of impatient.


   Derby is a game that cannot be missed, and it is also related to whether it can enter the top four in this season. As the superior party, the Shanghai SIPG team must have greater psychological pressure than the unburdened Shenhua. Therefore, in the face of Shenhua's intensive defense, SIPG players need to be more confident and calm, and believe that the team has enough strength to defeat the opponent. Be patient and don't be afraid of being dragged into overtime or even the final penalty kick.


   In the case that 5 people can be replaced in each game, the team's physical fitness is no longer a big problem, which is more beneficial to the strong team. Even if it really wants to decide the fate of promotion through a penalty kick, SIPG should have enough confidence.


   Although they lost to Shenhua in the 2015 FA Cup quarter-final penalty shootout, SIPG has won three consecutive penalties in the penalty shootout. Including the elimination of Guangzhou Evergrande in the 2017 AFC, the elimination of Beijing Renhe in the 2018 FA Cup, and the elimination of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the AFC last year. It is worth mentioning that the two AFC penalty shootouts were won in away games.




   From the tactical level, SIPG should also adjust the offensive tactics used in the first round according to the characteristics of Shenhua. The best player in the first round was given to Shenhua's central defender Mbia, who became an insurmountable high wall in SIPG's offense. Mbia's success is actually related to SIPG's offensive tactics.


  Wing attack is the main offensive method of SIPG team, especially like the bottom pass and outflank the middle. But the regular pass is not a big threat to excellent central defenders like Mbia and former international Feng Xiaoting. In addition, in many cases, the number of SIPG players in the Shenhua penalty area is not enough, and the opponent can calmly judge to clear the siege.


   If SIPG insists on such a tactic, it must consciously avoid the high point of Mbia when passing. In terms of the team's closest chance to score, Mu Yi's cross was Wang Shenchao, who was looking for the back point, and Mbia was defending at the front point. In addition, players must be added to grab points in the penalty area. It was also Wang Shenchao's scoring opportunity. When Mu Yi made the pass, SIPG teammates Anautovic, Lu Wenjun and Wang Shenchao were responding, which immediately distracted the opponent's attention.


   In addition, SIPG also needs to strengthen its control of the second spot in the frontcourt. Li Shenglong has a good chance to score from Oscar's two penalty kicks in the penalty area and directly launch a second attack.


   Avoiding Shenhua’s high-altitude ball advantage in the penalty area, playing more ground coordination is also an option for the SIPG team. If you can dribble the ball and break into the penalty area, the opposing defender will not dare to do too many additional moves. SIPG can make more fuss about the gap between the opponent's full-back and central defender. The Hong Kong team didn't play much in the first round of this kind of offensive routine, but the effect was actually good. For example, if Hulk's left rib penetrated into the penalty area, Li Shenglong finished the shot, and Fu Huan made a shot that was high.

避免申花在禁区的高空发球优势,更多地协调位置也是SIPG球队的选择。如果您能够运球将球打入禁区,对方的后卫将不敢做太多的额外动作。 SIPG可以对对手的后卫和中后卫之间的差距做文章。香港队在这种进攻方式的第一轮比赛中表现不佳,但效果确实不错。例如,如果绿巨人的左肋伸入罚球区,李胜龙完成射门,付欢射出高射门。

   Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, who can advance to the top four of this season's Super League, will see it this Friday night.


Source: Morning News Author: Yu Jiong


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