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亚搏体育平台官方:上观:国足有接受批评的雅量 目前还没资格谈精神

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   October 7th is a special day. The Chinese men's football experience "two kinds of ice and fire" is hotly searched and headlines.


Headlines: October 7th is the first qualifying day for the Chinese men’s football team to enter the World Cup finals. Many die-hard fans deeply miss the excitement and feel helplessly: “When the national football team is qualified again, the family will never forget. Tell Nai Weng".


Second hot search: The Chinese national team coached by Li Tie watched the movie "Win the Championship" based on the Chinese women's volleyball team on October 7. Many netizens ridiculed, "This is the closest time the national football team has won the championship," and fans bluntly said, "The national football team does not need to watch to win the championship, it should watch the movie'qualify'."


   never give up, it is precisely the core of the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team. The right of Chinese men's football to learn and practice the "Chinese Women's Volleyball Spirit" should not be forcibly deprived because of the average team performance.



   Li Tie is the coach of the national football team and is currently training in Shanghai. On October 7, after the team conducted 90 minutes of high-intensity technical and tactical training in the morning, they watched the movie "Win the Championship" in the afternoon and learned the "Women's Volleyball Spirit" to enhance the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness.

李铁是国家足球队的教练,目前正在上海训练。 10月7日,在团队进行了90分钟的高强度技术和战术训练后,他们下午观看了电影“赢得冠军”并学习了“女子排球精神”,以增强团队的凝聚力和战斗力。

   The national football team watched the movie "Win the Championship" and learned the spirit of women's volleyball, which was originally commonplace. However, as the first project of Chinese sports to initiate market-oriented and professional reforms, Chinese football has always played the role of traffic and even the public spittoon. Netizens' criticism and mockery of the national football watching movies are nothing more than old routines. Don’t you see, every time the national football team loses, the domestic public opinion is habitually uproar. Many people who don’t pay much attention to football at ordinary times have also expressed their opinions and ridiculed the Chinese men’s football team. Netizens who don't know the truth laughed, forget their worries, and fell asleep soundly, why not do it?


   In fact, in addition to competitive competitions, cultural phenomena, and industrial economic value, sports also has a very important social function: the relief of the people's negative emotions. This is most obvious in football. Sociological research shows that the basic function of sports is to release aggressive impulses. In most countries and regions, professional sports represented by modern football not only attract the attention of millions of people, but also release the social pressure of spectators. Football matches are like "decompression valve" and "punching bag". Fans vent their bad emotions by watching the football. The stadium also provides an environment for modern people with greater work pressure to vent.


   China's mobile Internet is one step ahead in the development of the Internet. The Internet is also a new way for netizens to self-evaluate and decompress, transforming into a "football field" in the online world. When the two "decompression valves" of the Internet and the National Football team gather together, every netizen can say a few words or even curse two sentences. This is precisely the huge social value that Chinese football carries. Although it cannot satisfy the fans from a competitive perspective, Chinese football at least provides two social values: first, it has become a decompression valve for the people; second, the scolded Chinese football has become the joy of eating melon netizens.



   The greatest charm of competitive sports is that there is no victorious general. Winning or losing is the essence of sports. The Chinese women's volleyball team cannot guarantee to win every time, but why do fans and netizens approve of this team? The key is that even if it is defeated, the Chinese women's volleyball team showed its tenacious fighting spirit, fighting spirit, and the courage to still use the sword knowing that it was defeated, so that the fans will understand.


   In the author's opinion, the reason why the spirit of the women's volleyball team can be called "spirit" is firstly based on its excellent strength. The strength of competitive sports is the foundation of everything, and the spirit is the superstructure. Without strength, there is no spirit at all. The role of spirit and attitude is more embodied in strong dialogues with close strengths-if there is a certain gap in strength, no matter how strong the "spirit" is, it will not help.


   To give an example: In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese women's volleyball team coached by Chen Zhonghe lost to the US women's volleyball team coached by Lang Ping at home. Is this because the "women's volleyball spirit" of the Chinese team is not good enough? The answer is of course no. Whenever you lose, you have to find the reasons for yourself. Basically, your strength is insufficient: whether it is the players' athletic ability and psychological ability, or the coaching staff's on-the-spot command ability, the level of rehabilitation and medical treatment, it is an organic part of the overall strength.


When I walked out of the theater, the national football goalkeeper Yan Junling said: "I was a little excited during the watching process, especially when I saw Lang Ping squatting with a barbell every day when he was young, he couldn't train for less than 100 kg. I couldn't help but think of myself when I was a child. Will work hard to learn the spirit of the women’s volleyball team. It has a strong educational significance for every athlete, and it will have a strong role in promoting our participation in the national team.” Wu Xi was the most impressed when the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship, Lang Pingcong The voice of the national anthem was heard in the call from the scene, "Behind "Winning the Championship" is'do a good job every day'. As a national team player, we can only improve our results by training hard and starting from the bit by bit."


   Whether it is Yan Junling or Wu Xi, they all hit the nail on the head: they must improve their strength. When learning the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team, the Chinese men's football team needs to be more aware that the gap between us and the first-class football level in Asia is increasing. The spirit of the women's volleyball team must of course be learned, but improving one's own strength is the top priority. The current national football team is not qualified to talk about spirit.




   At the same time, the improvement of the performance of the Chinese national team should not just let dozens of international footballers and coaches take the pressure. We need to be sober to see that from the perspective of the law of sports development, the Chinese men's football loses exactly in line with scientific principles and the laws of sports.


  Football is the number one sport in the world. All countries and regions are involved in the whole country and competition is fierce. Studies have shown that the number of players and their interest in football are the key factors for success in the World Cup. Among them, the factor of the number of registered players accounts for more than 50% of the World Cup results. This also means that the "successful experience" of Chinese sports in some non-professional sports such as weightlifting cannot be replicated in the global football field that is fully market-oriented and professionally developed.


   Without talking about level and quality, just talking about quantity, Chinese football lost at the starting line. Taking the football population as an example, China, with a population of 1.3 billion, has a registered football population of only over 30,000 and only 6,000 professional players; Iceland, with a population of 330,000, has a larger registered football population than China; Japan has a population of about 127 million and registered players It has reached 1 million people, which is more than 30 times the registered football population in China. Among the more than 50 million people in South Korea, there are 500,000 registered football populations, which is also more than 10 times the registered football population in China.


   This also means that the Chinese men's football team, which consists of 23 people out of 30,000 people, will inevitably not be as effective as the Japanese men's football team, which chooses 23 people out of 1 million miles, and the South Korean men's football team, which chooses 23 people out of 500,000 people. The Japan Football Association recently announced the list of national teams, 23 international players are playing for Europe, and Chinese football currently only has Wu Lei abroad. This is the gap between Chinese and Japanese football. This gap is destined from the most basic data on the registered population of football.

这也意味着,中国男子足球队(在30,000人中占23人)将不可避免地不如日本男子足球队(在1百万英里中选择23人)和韩国男子足球队那样有效。 ,从500,000人中选择23人。日本足协最近宣布了国家队的名单,有23名国际球员正在欧洲比赛,而中国足球目前只有吴雷出国。这就是中日足球之间的差距。这个差距来自有关足球注册人口的最基本数据。

   The foundation is not strong, the earth shakes the mountains. Former national football coach Lippi has already seen through: "The development of Chinese football is inseparable from the basic development, and the cultural influence is indeed not small. In China, I see that most of the children grew up on homework. Few people try to discover talent, so even if they have football talent, they will not be discovered, perhaps because most people are determined by a single value."


   Fortunately, people are pleased to discover that the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Adolescents" recently released by the state has many reformative measures for deepening the integration of sports and education. In the future, the development of competitive sports will gradually integrate into all-people youth sports, and the development of football will be the same. Such a reform direction can theoretically alleviate the huge embarrassment of the selection of only 6,000 Chinese men's football players to fight the 1 million selection of Japanese men's football.


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