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After three years of success in the Bundesliga, German international Robin Koch left Freiburg to join the Premier League and was promoted to Maritz United, signing a four-year contract.


In an interview with German media SPORT1 recently, Koch talked about the reasons for his transfer.


: I was thinking: "Well, this is a really bad start." The ball bounced to my arm. As a player, you are often powerless in this situation. I just continue to focus on playing and keep my game.


: Leeds United expressed interest in me very early. To be honest, I did not immediately agree. At that time, Leeds United was still playing in the English championship and might not be able to advance to the Premier League. But over time, Leeds United became more and more interested in me, and I became more and more involved in club activities.


Later, I told my agent that I could imagine that I would have a very good development after transferring to Leeds United, even though I also received invitations from several other clubs. The more intensive the communication between me and the club, the more suitable it is for me. Leeds United is a well-established club. I believe the club will gain something in the next few years.


: Leeds United sent me some PPTs, from which I saw how coach Marcelo Bielsa and the scouts analyzed my technical characteristics and how I would adapt to Leeds United's play. I also received a set of videos, the video clips the Leeds United match with my match in Freiburg, and a detailed analysis of my technical characteristics. I feel that I have never been analyzed so carefully, especially since I am not yet a player in the club. This really left a deep impression on me and was the key to my decision.

:利兹亚搏体育平台官方联向我发送了一些PPT,从中我了解了教练Marcelo Bielsa和球探如何分析我的技术特征以及如何适应利兹联的比赛。我还收到了一组视频,这些视频剪辑了利兹联与我在弗莱堡的比赛,并详细分析了我的技术特征。我觉得从来没有对我进行过如此仔细的分析,尤其是因为我还不是俱乐部的一名球员。这确实给我留下了深刻的印象,这是我做出决定的关键。

:Correct. I watched the Cup match between Leeds United and Arsenal in January. The Leeds team has a higher ball possession rate. Although they lost 0-1, at least the two teams have equal opportunities on the court. Against the giants in this way, I can't think of any newly promoted Bundesliga that can be so brave.


:Yes. I am an adventurous person. So I determined my choice: I decided to go abroad and prove myself in the new league. New language, new country, alone. This is a challenge I like. Of course, my three years in Freiburg are incredible, where I made a lot of friends. Looking back on these three years, I really enjoyed it. But for me, it's time to make some new changes. I want to prove myself in the Premier League.


: For the Premier League, you must have a strong body. In the first three games, I have noticed the difference between the Premier League and the Bundesliga. The intensity and power of the game are completely different. But what suits me best is the football style of Leeds United. For us, our style of play is to strive to dominate the game. As a central defender, I was the starting point for the offense, not just playing long passes and then defending. Aggressive play is one of my technical advantages.


: Of course, this style of play is risky. We scored a 4-3 score in the first two games, which is good for the audience but not good for our nerves. But this is interesting. I prefer to play offensive football instead of always playing long passes. We will definitely develop our own style of play during the season. In the last game, we kept zero seals. We will find a better offensive and defensive balance.


: He is very careful. His knowledge of football is incredible, and this is also passed on to the team. He is one of the reasons why I moved here.


: The coach speaks Spanish and the assistant coach speaks English, translating for us. Fortunately, the language of football is very simple. If you can't directly understand everything, most of the rest can find the answer on the court. I have been in the UK for almost a month, the English here is very different from the English taught in school...but I will get used to it soon.


: Yes, I have seen it in the Leeds United documentary "Take Us Home" and my teammate Mattusch Klich's Instagram. I knew Klich when I was in Kaiserslautern. Fans have a very special connection with the club. When I finished signing and came out of the stadium, more than 50 fans were waiting for me. After these experiences, I am already looking forward to the spectators and atmosphere of the first game where fans will return to the stadium.

:是的,我已经在利兹联队的纪录片“带我们回家”和我的队友Mattusch Klich的Instagram中看到了它。我在凯撒斯劳滕(Kaiserslautern)时认识克利奇(Klich)。球迷与俱乐部的联系非常特殊。当我完成签约并离开体育场时,有50多名球迷在等我。在经历了这些经历之后,我已经很期待第一场比赛的观众和气氛,球迷们将回到体育场。

: If I can decide freely, it is the World Cup.


: For most of us, this is the first time to participate in the Premier League. We are true novices, but we have made a good start. For us, play and play is the focus of attention. We are a team keen on offensive football. This is how we treat the entire season.


: For me, Van Dijk and Sergio Ramos are the best central defenders in the past few years. Of course, I am still far away from them. I will unconsciously pay attention to their performance in the game, notice how they deal with different situations, and try to apply it to my game.


: It is true, everything happened very fast. Train every day, at least one game a week, and then you travel around with the national team and fly back to the club. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve this. So I try to get rid of all this and appreciate the path I have traveled. I have always wanted to be a professional football player, and now I live the life I dreamed of as a child.


: Yes, after embarking on the path of professional football, my time with friends and family will be more precious. I am very lucky because I have a great family and great friends behind me. But this is already the case, I try to make the circle around me a little smaller. I still maintain close contact with the closest friends I have known since I was a child, and I am very happy that these contacts continue to this day.


: Finding an apartment is still very difficult. I live in a hotel now. Fortunately, friends have already arrived. They also sent my car to Leeds. Driving here is not easy at first, but you will get used to it (laughs).


: When I was first selected for the national team, I was a complete rookie. This is a great honor for me. In a short time, I realized that I could keep up with the best German national team players. When you realize this, your own expectations will rise.


: For my chances in the European Cup, it doesn't matter whether I play in the Bundesliga or the Premier League. There are many internationals playing in other leagues. I just need to stay safe and perform well. Loew also congratulated me on my transfer. This season I will do my best to ensure that I participate in the European Cup next year.


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