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At this moment, are you also struggling in this long ball shortage? On April 12th, fans from all over the world clicked into a live broadcast room of a certain video platform. Here was the season's Taiwan Enterprise A's opening match of Beishi Datong vs Gaoshi Taidian. Coincidentally, the author happened to be one of the members who clicked into the live broadcast room.

此时此刻,您还在为长期缺球而挣扎吗? 4月12日,来自世界各地的粉丝点击进入某个视频平台的直播室。这是本季台湾企业A在北大同vs高石泰典的首场比赛。碰巧的是,作者恰好是点击进入直播室的成员之一。

Since there are not many football matches currently being played in the world, many media have reported on the opening match of the highest-level football match in Taiwan before the match, and the live broadcast of this match is quite well received. High-definition, free, genuine, plus Chinese commentary. Of course, the commentary part may not make much sense for most of the fans watching the game. The live chat rooms in the live broadcast room are mostly in English, Korean, Japanese, and some unreadable texts. Relatively speaking, Chinese characters have become a minority


【Treasure Island Derby】


The opponents in this opener seem to have a good background. Beishi Datong has won the league championship in the past three consecutive seasons, and Gaoshi Taipower has achieved the "three consecutive Asian" achievements in the past three seasons. You know, Taiwanese Enterprise A has just held three sessions. The strength of the two teams in local football can be imagined. Therefore, the matchup between them has always been the most watched football event on the island, and the two teams The team respectively represents the two central cities in the north and south, which can be called "Treasure Island Derby" [Note].

这个揭幕战的对手似乎有很好的背景。北大同已连续三个赛季夺得联赛冠军,而高士太电在过去三个赛季中均取得了“连续三届亚洲冠军”亚博体彩网。您知道,台湾企业A刚刚举行了三届会议。可以想象两支球队在当地足球中的实力。因此,他们之间的对决一直是岛上最受瞩目的足球赛事,两支球队的球队分别代表了北部和南部的两个中心城市,可以称为“宝岛德比” [注]。

According to data from the live broadcast channel, Taiwan Enterprise A’s past ratings were created by the "Treasure Island Derby". In the final game of last season, Beishi Datong defeated Gaoshi Taipower 2-0 in the away game, and won the championship by 3 points in the standings. At that time, more than 5,600 fans watched the game through the Internet. However, this record has now passed. The number of viewers for the opening game exceeded 14,000, which more than doubled the original record.


In this game, Beishi Datong, who played at home, took the lead in establishing a lead with Ivory Coast foreign aid An Yin's penalty kick in the first half of stoppage time. Easy side battle again, Chen Zhaoan, who had played for Hunan Xiangtao for many years, equalized the score for Gaoshi Taipower in the 64th minute. Since then, the two teams have scored a goal each. The climax of the game occurred in the 91st minute. After intercepting the opponent's cross, the defensive player of Beijing Datong struggled to save the ball from the baseline because he was unwilling to send a corner kick. However, the ball was kicked to the opponent's foot due to a small miss. After the city Taiwan Power player got the ball, he made an inverted triangle pass, and No. 23 Li Xiangwei scored the goal. This is Gaoshi Taipower since the second round of the 2018 season duel


Sorry... The report above was written later based on the highlights of the game. This is not because the author didn't watch the game seriously, but I was not hardcore enough as a fan. After only 8 minutes of watching, I chose to continue to struggle in the ball shortage.


Looking back, this kind of game is actually quite dramatic.


【Taiwan Enterprise A】


The full name of Taiwan Enterprise A is the "Taiwan Enterprise Football League A", which positions itself as a semi-professional event. A previous article in this issue introduced Japan’s past corporate football system. The name Taiwanese Enterprise A is easily reminiscent of the so-called corporate football.


Although the operating model of the Gaoshi Taidian team is not advanced, it is what Taiwanese company A urgently needs. According to reports, the reason why the league has such a name is to attract more companies to join. Currently, Taiwan Enterprise A has a total of 8 teams, 3 of which are essentially university teams, and the Royal Blue, which was relegated in the 2018 season, is a team composed of a group of foreign office workers. I believe you can also meet on the field.


Due to the need for a team like Royal Blue to make up the number, Taiwan Enterprise A has no foreign aid restrictions in the past, and only this season began to implement the 4+1 foreign aid rule.

由于需要像皇家蓝这样的团队来弥补这个数字,台湾企业A过去没有外援限制,只有本赛季才开始执行4 + 1外援规则。

I mentioned earlier that the Royal Blue team suffered a relegation in the 2018 season, but what is interesting is that Taiwanese Enterprise A currently does not have a secondary league. The bottom two teams each season will compete with the teams that have signed up for the new season. The two winning teams will be eligible to participate in Taiwanese Enterprise A. If the team loses like Royal Blue, then Can only return to the field.


This season, the four teams that entered the qualifying round failed to defeat the bottom two teams of Taiwan Enterprise A last season. Therefore, no team was relegated in Taiwan Enterprise A last season. However, the bottom team this season may not be able to not be relegated. At present, the local Football Association is planning an event called "Taiwan Enterprise First Division Football League" as the sub-league of Taiwan Enterprise A, and the participating teams are that. 4 teams that failed to break through this year's qualifying round. At that time, the 8th place of Taiwanese Enterprise A will be directly relegated, and the 7th place will play a two-round play-off with the 2nd place in this sub-league.

本赛季,进入预选赛的四支球队未能击败台湾企业A的前两名。因此,上赛季没有团队降级到台湾企业A。但是,本赛季底端的球队可能无法降级。目前,当地足协正作为台湾企业A的子联盟,计划举办一个名为“台湾企业一等足球联赛”的赛事,参赛队伍就是这样。 4支未能突破今年资格赛的球队。届时,台湾企业A的第8名将直接降级,第7名将与该子联盟的第2名进行两轮附加赛。

It has to be said that the Football Association of Baodao is also very fascinated. It is said that they rejected the proposal of "Taiwan Enterprise B" and insisted on giving such a slurred name to the secondary league. But in any case, here is a piece of advice, the inverted pyramid structure of the league system is not desirable.


[Not a family, do not enter a family]


I would like to thank several treasure island fans who provided information for this article. In the exchange, I found that fans on both sides of the strait have something in common, that is, they all like to scold the Football Association. I think this may be inherited from our ancestors. Gao Qi's reputation was not very good 900 years ago.

我要感谢几个为本文提供信息的金银岛迷。在交流中,我发现两岸的球迷有一个共同点,那就是他们都喜欢骂足球协会。我认为这可能是从我们的祖先那里继承下来的。 900年前,高崎的声誉不是很好。

Fan Zhiyi's "National Football Bible" must be able to be recited in full by many people. After all, they belong to the category of Chinese football. General Fan's words are also applicable to football on the other side. I think the team on the other side also won the Asian Games twice, but since the Hong Kong players withdrew, they have long been in recent decades. No longer the opponents of Thailand and Vietnam, now they are almost defeated by Myanmar (Warring record: 2 draws and 2 draws).


In 2016, the Chinese Taipei Football Association hired Japanese coach Toshiaki Imai as the head coach of the Chinese Taipei team. Under the guidance of Imai, the Chinese Taipei team successfully won the second round of the East Asian Cup qualifiers and the third round of the Asian Cup qualifiers. However, on the day after qualifying for the third round of the Asian preliminaries, Toshiaki Imai suddenly received a notice of dismissal from the Football Association. In this regard, the Football Association reasoned that the concepts of the two sides were not in harmony, and Imai's response was: very unexpected and very inexplicable.


The coach wins and dismisses get out of class, this is not the most sly operation of Chinese Taipei Football Association. In 2018, the Chinese Taipei Football Association was facing a reelection. This was originally a matter of little concern on the island known as the "soccer desert". Looking back on the last reelection, the then chairman of the Football Association Lin Yongcheng was arrested for selling illegal nasal towers. He was suspended by the Football Association, but due to the insufficient number of people attending the re-election meeting, Lin Yongcheng was able to regain power and remained in power until this re-election. But this time is different, because a person named Qiu Yiren also said that he would choose the chairman of the Football Association.

教练获胜并解雇下课,这不是中华台北足球协会最狡猾的行动。 2018年,中华台北足球总会面临连任。这原本在被称为“足球沙漠”的岛上很少引起关注。回顾上次的改选,当时的足协主席林永成因出售非法鼻塔而被捕。他被足协停职,但由于参加换届会议的人数不足,林永成得以重新掌权并继续执政直到这次换届为止。但这一次是不同的,因为一个叫邱义人的人还说他会选择足协主席。

Qiu Yiren is not a member of the Football Association, so in accordance with Article 8 of the Football Association's Constitution, "Members have the right to be elected", he should not be a candidate. But Qiu Yiren moved out of Article 32 of the Articles of Association, "Candidates must be nominated by at least one member representative", saying that as long as a member nominates him, he can be a candidate. This statement is somewhat irrational, but under the support of a group of high-ranking officials, and removal After becoming the head of the sports department of the authorities, Qiu Yiren eventually became the only candidate.


There was a total of seven months before and after this reelection, during which both parties sued FIFA for the suspension of their football associations. However, although FIFA did intervene in the investigation and issued multiple warnings, it did not really punished them. . It can be seen that FIFA and Ximu are also unique, and they also confirmed Qiu Yiren's candidacy.

此次改选前后总共有七个月,在此期间,双方都起诉国际足联暂停其足球协会的运作。但是,尽管FIFA确实介入了调查并发出了多次警告亚博体彩网,但并未真正惩罚他们。 。可以看出FIFA和Ximu也是独一无二的,它们也证实了邱义仁的候选人资格。

Who is Qiu Yiren? He is the leader of the largest faction in the Democratic Progressive Party. He has been involved in many corruption cases, but all of them have retired. He is called by the Korean authorities as the real power holder on the island. Why does such a person have to spend so much effort to become the chairman of the Football Association? In this regard, many media on the island can't figure it out. Football has no influence on the island, and there is no market. You must know that the championship prize of Taiwanese Enterprise A last season was only NT$700,000. Maybe, it just so happens that people like football. By the way, there is another coincidence. At the same time, the Taiwan authorities announced a huge amount of football infrastructure plans...


Going back to the game at the beginning, the number of viewers of 14,000 is certainly not too much. Most of the games in the Super League are more than this, but this is very unimaginable for local fans. In comparison, the fans on our side are much lucky, at least football is more concerned in the mainland, and there are large companies willing to invest huge amounts of money. However, both sides of the strait are also facing the problem of insufficient football participants. I hope that after the epidemic, more fans on both sides of the strait will be willing to put on their shoes and enter the football field.


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